August 27, 2010

Wow, where does time go?

Where to start?

Josh is a easy place!
He finished school on July 30 & has been counting the days down to going back ever since. 
Josh starts his new School on Sept 7, 2010.
my son will be a kindergartener.
some Mom's are sad about there kids going to school, will cry the day the start.
I couldn't be more excited, I as well have been counting down the days, hours until school opens.
Josh is so bored & unhappy at home, I can cannot keep him bust enough & he hates all the appointments for Mason. 
I am with him there. 
Josh will be going to private school, I know expensive.
I know that is where God wants him & he will provide a way,
but it freaks me out.
I at least know I don't have to worry as much as I would in public school.
Sex education starting in Kindergarten is outragious.
And my son doesn't need to know about what being Gay "means" at this age.
thanks, but no thanks. 

I want the chance to talk to my sons when its right to talk to them.
The "Birds & Bees" talk will come.

Well Carter went to the Ear, nose, & throat Dr. late July.
Just as I suspected...
He needed his adenoids out & tubes in his ears.
So extactly two weeks later Carter went in for his surgery.
He has been eating more & seems to have a lot better time breathing!
They said his adenoids were so big he couldn't breath through his nose!
I am so glad that we have done this.
As you know Carter has had difficulties with eating, 
with the surgery his volume of food has doubled! 
Everytime there is food in sight he says "Foo".
 People he has words!
I have to say that not that Carter is older & doing things so much faster than Mason.
It has become more clear just how behind Mason is.

Which now brings us to Mason.

We have a new Pediatrician who seems so on top of Mason's need & what we need to be doing.
He is going to be applying for the "At-Home" program on behalf of Mason this time.
This Dr. is asking for the Moon, the sun & the stars on behalf of M.
We are praying that this time we get on & I am believing we will.
Here's why.

At the very beginning of the month we went to Genetics.
I thought nothing would come of it, they would say it's someone elses problem.
But shockingly after reading Mason's file & seeing & measuring Mason...
they came up with something.
Something that they thought was quite "probable".
This was shocking.
Normally when you go to Genetics they say nothing & do a overall Gene test.
So when they said, "We are going to do an overall test, BUT we think it is probable that Mason has "Smith-Magenis Syndrome".
I kind of sat there for the next twenty minutes in shock, trying to listen to every word.
The Dr. explained that they don't usually test for specific stuff right away, but he ticks so many of the boxes. 
Now we will find out sometime in September if he truly does have "Smith-Magenis Syndrome"
If this is his path in life, I am glad we found out now. 
If Mason does have a Genetic Syndrome then he will qualify for funding.
It will be very bitter sweet for us I think.

To learn more about "Smith-Magenis Syndrome" click here

We have also been to the Eye Dr. everything is looking alright for now!
We also saw Mason's new GI team, yes a WHOLE team.
For a total of 4.5 this month we have sat in a room, 6 of us & decided an action plan.
Mason has been through to more tests this month & even got a few days to try thin liquids. 
Unfortunately liquids were a definite no go.
Not surprising but it would have been welcomed.
We are now waiting to here what they come up with for a plan to help Mason eat more safe solids.

There have been many other appointments & in time I will no more of the outcome.
For now everyone is waiting on the result from Genetics.

I try not to think about it & then the shock of it hits me again.

I just really want to know.

On  completely different path we are going camping this weekend & next.
We have also decided to go to drive down to Cali next year so I can attend a Conference.
We plan to camp our way down & back, also making a few stops, maybe Disney for a day or two? To do this we will be looking for a CHEAP & I mean cheap tent trailer. 
We love camping & can't wait till next Summer when everyone is that touch older. 

The reason I haven't Blogged in quite a while is...
I have been taking some courses on Blog designing & trying to figure out HTML code.
Many hours have been spent & I am close to having it all figured out.
The hope is I can get a Blog Design Business going & make some money from home. Believe it or not there is a lot of business & there is money to be made.

Speaking of Money. 
We have been having a lot of trouble financially as most people do.
Nick has his hours at work changed for training & I lost money from the government.
We have not been able to do much of anything & Mason is extra expensive at this time of the year.
Please pray that we get Government funding. 
We are again at the end of the line.
Trusting on God to provide.

Sorry it has been awhile!

This post will be followed I promise with one filled with pics from the last Summer month!
~you asked, I am giving~

Thanks for all your thoughts in the past month.

I have been quite down lately with stress & I love your pick me ups!