July 29, 2011


So I have done it FINALLY! 

Please come follow me at our new home to get all the goods!

July 12, 2011

I have been a terrible...

I have been a terrible Blogger among other things.

I thought this year was going to be easier, but alas the difficulties are much different.

I am not going to bore you with the million and yes there have been a million of them, updates. But I can't just start blogging again and leave you feeling all lost in my life, here are a few. 

Nick's work changed his shifts and we were never going to see him again, seriously. So he quit, yep last week he quit. Nick starts school in the fall, he is going to be gaining his welding ticket and then hopefully a job. How are we going to live you ask? His work wants to keep him and they may give him the shifts he wants that will work around his school while he is in school. Praying that they do kinda, we will NEVER see Nick Monday to friday he will be gone from 6:30am till 11:45pm. This will only be for 7 months so I think I can handle it. ::vomiting in my mouth as I say that::

We are seriously looking at moving to Alberta when he is done, the health care for Mason would be so much better. 

Speaking of Mason he has had a rough few months, but is loving living with G & G. Yes I am back living with my parents for a bit. Anyways, back to Mason who has started Anti-Seizure meds and is now only up a few times a night if that. And for the last four days he has got up after 7:30am... Can I get an amen!! I have been praying so hard that one day I would not have to get up at 5am. Oh I feel like a new person! Mason also started motility meds and his vomiting has decreased tremendously. I am thankful to be started figuring out how to deal with some of the medical issues.

In other news Nick's grandma passed away and left us strict instructions to use the money we got for a family "something". And hey after what we have been through we needed that something. We did pay off some of our debt about 8 thousand dollars in fact. But we also bought a used Tent Trailer that we have been using lots this summer and intent to use a lot more. It has been nice getting away from it all and better still we camp for free because of the government program Mason got on. So we get family vacations for the price of gas!!! 

In other news I got smoke inhalation and will never touch another campfire again. In fact Dr. said no more fires this summer. This is how long it could take for my lungs to heal. I feel like an old lady totally winded after doing anything, including sitting on a chair. That says it all. 

The MOST important news is that I am headed to Blogher. Yes people BLOGHER! I am so excited and need sponsors. So hit me up! I will wear your items, hand out business cards and wll do the chicken dance if you really want me too. 
I need clothes, accessories and money.
Thanks ya'll

Ok goodnight!