May 3, 2010

Just a pot is just a pot unless...

they are rachel ray pots.
top 10 reasons why i deserve these pots.

1- they are on sale for $119.97, from $169.97.
although my hubby says the best sale is not "a sale" at all.
2- we are on a life style diet & i have to cook all stinkin day...
i have never eaten so much food & for a diet?
3- My non stick pots don't have lids & you need lids with kids.
4- they are non stick & i only use non-stick.
5- they are rachel ray & she rocks...
6- my kids are driving me crazy & i deserve pots to make my life easier.
7- they sell them at walmart
8- my life could be easier with new pots.
9- they will give me powers to cook like rachel ray.
& believe me i need some cooking powers, my poor family!
10- it's going to be mother's day.

so for all these reasons listed above i think you should help me my receive my pots.

ps. I could do lists for other products, like Pandora?

actually I know what I am getting for mother's day...
j has been singing mommy i love you songs all week :)
excited for my mother's day tea at his school!

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