September 18, 2010

30 minutes...

Setting up the scene.
So we were all outside, Nick was cutting the 5000 square feet of grass.
The boys were running/crawling around like crazies after there Dad, they were getting covered in grass since Nick was mulching as he cut. 
As Josh & Mason were running around, Carter took some of his first steps.
He just stood up for the first time without help & took a couple steps. 
This is the last time I will see one of my children take their first steps. 
Sad, but awfully inspiring too. 

So as Nick finishes cutting the grass he realizes that it would be nice to clean the sidewalk to the Renter's units downstairs. 
He gets the hose and starts spraying the grass off the sidewalk, all the while the boys are watching & scheming I'm sure. 
Nick gets about half down the sidewalk & then Mason came running through the water puddles. 
I am thinking it's fine their feet are dirty, we'll just take off their pants & all will be well. 

Nick continues to slowly make his way down the sidewalk & then Mason runs from nowhere straight to the hose. He is giggling & blocking his Dad from cleaning. 
Mason's legs are now covered in wet grass & water, he continues to get in the way trying to take the hose.
He gets his little hands on it & gets Nick wet. 
Insert Nick screaming & giggling like a little girl~ I love it!
Now Josh comes, I am sure he is thinking "WATER FIGHT" in his little head.

Josh is now running around screaming, Mason is screaming & Nick is still giggling trying to finish cleaning off the side walk. 
Mean while Carter is in my arms thinking these people are nuts...
How do I know this? You should have seen his face!

Mason has now got the hose several times is soaked from head to toe & he has got Nick wet several times. 

What does Nick do?
He sticks the hose over Mason's head, then he starts throwing water at Josh with the hose & gets him a little wet.
 This goes on until the sidewalk is done & Nick, Josh & Mason are SOAKED & covered from head to toe in mulched grass. 

Nick puts down the hose, leaving me in charge & turns off the hose.
He comes back started coiling it up &...
Josh had somehow sneaked past us, turned it back on & it was squirting Nick again. 
It was really funny, maybe you had to be there.
So I go turn off the hose & then Josh head there again, Nick thinks I am heading back to turn it on so he threatens war. 
I threaten that he will have to clean up the boys on his own.
War over.

So we headed inside the house, stripped the boys & thank goodness there is a bathroom with a shower next the laundry room.
We stuck all the Boys in the shower, Carter joined in & they all came out clean. 
My shower which had been cleaned that morning, however was covered it mulched grass.

The boys ran out of the shower minus Carter who crawled out wet, getting my tile floors all wet, sat on the couch as we diapered, Jammied, & medicated them all up. 
They then watched, "Harry & his bucketful of Dinosaurs" and then headed to bed.

It was a fun night, crazy, the end of Summer & the starting off Fall.
The weather changed the very next day. 
We truly are into the September buzz.

And yes we are still waiting for Mason's Genetic results.
I dislike that it is taking so long & just want to know. 
It eats me every time I think about it. 
Let you know when we know!

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