September 8, 2010

Summer's out..School's in.

This summer flew past SO fast.
It actually never really felt like summer anyway.
Josh stayed in School for the Month of July...

We had so many Dr. Appointments this summer and Carter's surgery.
In all we had an average of 4 Dr. appointments a week, 
just thinking about the money we spent on parking is making me sick.
We had many tests also & hope to get some answers by the end of September.

We did go camping this Summer a few times & really enjoyed it.
Our family really likes camping & as the boys get bigger we hope to do a whole lot of it.
Our first camp was "Family Camp" with Calvary Christian Church. 
It was great to camp with Grandpa, Grandma, Auntie Amanda & Uncle Aaron.
I only wish we could have had camp fires!

This is one of our other camping trips with New Life Assembly.
It has become tradition to do a slip & slide. 
Nick is now to old...
Josh only started to like it half way through...
Mason is hooked & couldn't wait to go again...
Carter wasn't allowed this year, but really wanted to go!

Carter also turned 1 this Summer! Grandma made a great cake!


We also spent a day boating with Uncle Nathan & Auntie Rachel.


And boating with Gary from Outlet Camping & if you know Mason he was so happy that Garry let him drive!

Josh learned to ride his bike without his training wheels & Carter is now scooting along with them! 

The trouble has really picked up in our house with 3 boys getting around!
This is Mason covered in Diaper cream, funny thing is he hates having anything messy on him!
And Carter dumped my "Hundreds of Thousands" from Australia. They are little pen dot sized decorations for cakes & such. 

Summer is now over & Fall is on it's way & I actually couldn't be more excited!
Josh's first day of Kindergarten went really well, despite him not wanting his picture taken!
Then we have Mason taking Josh out with a Hug for once! 

With school comes routine & I am looking forward to getting something going! 
I hope everyone's Summer's were great & fun filled! 

With September comes our First Variety Coin Drive, check out the Variety Page & Donate!

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  1. So that cakes looks amazing. Really, that was my only thought after I saw it. I read the rest, but the cake was forefront in my head. I now want cake.
    I'm glad you had a wonderful summer and the boys are doing well!