February 10, 2011

Another reason I love this Man.

Today was a follow up appointment for Mason at the GI clinic.
These appointments are at least two hours long and I usually have to go to them on my own with Mason.
But we have a lovely girl who took care of Carter for us today so Nick and I go to take Mason together ALONE!

So going into this appointment we see the GI Dr. an OT, Dietician and a social worker.
It is alot of people who need to have their time to speak and get info.
Mason only needs to be in the room while the Dr. is talking and doing his exam, after that Mason  has had enough. 
The other people only need me...so I sent Nick out of the room with Mason.
They could go for a walk, play out in the waiting room or whatever...
So off they went!

I get through all the different discussions and my brain is now fried...
 and its about an hour and a half later.
I finish up with the thank yous and goodbyes.
I go to put everything in my bag and see my phone flashing so I pick it up.
There was 28 messages all from Nick and Mason:

Do you have the other shoe?

Found it

Coffee now or later?

What's up?

R u still in there?


Why don't you respond?


R u alive?

Have you been kidnapped?

I'm getting worried...

Is everything ok?



Where are you?

Your coffee is getting cold

When are you coming back?

Have you left us forever?

We are sorry for whatever we have done please come back.

We miss you

Have you fallen?

Can you get up?

Are you sure?

Ok I think we are going home now.

I guess it's just me and the boys now.

We will miss you.

I hope you will miss us too.

Needless to say I came out of a stressful and NOT fun appointment laughing to a cold coffee.
Oh and the "fallen" joke is a reference to me falling down the stairs yesterday...
Yes, I hurt and bad.

Oh how I love him.


  1. Love that!! My mr. wonderful helps me shed the doctor's office blues quite often with some inside joke that leaves me weeping with laughter...That is one of the reasons I love him

    :o) I am glad God blessed you with a partner that can make you smile and laugh :o)

  2. that is so funny! I am sure that made the rest of the day good! what a great husband you have! hopefully mason's appointment went well.

  3. It is awesome to have someone that can make you laugh even in the most stressful of situations. May God continue to bless with many more of these moments.

  4. You are so lucky to find the partner that can help you out. cold coffee is still a sweet gesture. it shows that he cares. I now am wise enough to appreciate the guy in my life. it took a while. i took a lot of things for granted. good for you for being able to laugh things off. i love the frantic texts he sent you. i't's cute and endearing!!
    so sweet U R SO LUCKY
    Domestic but not martha sent me over!

  5. That is so sweet! Seriously, how thoughtful of him to do something so simple that he KNEW would put a smile on your face. Thank goodness you have him and he has you!

  6. I'm so glad you could have a little bit of cheer after a long appointment. I know how tedious all those doctor's appointments can be!

  7. i am so glad i found you, i am another mummy of an amazing kiddy with smith magenis syndrome. i have just read your november posts in tears xxxxx

  8. That's a pretty awesome husband you have there. :)