March 6, 2011

Where have I/we been?

I know, I know.
It's been quite awhile, we have been busy.
Here's whats up!

- Has had an EVERYTHING infection through out the last 6 weeks. Almost better? Here's hoping anyways!

- Is no longer my baby, in a matter of two days he formed into a dependant early terrible twos toddler. I miss my baby. The head banging temper tantrums that are coming from this child are slightly cute though. I am sure this cuteness we find in his tantrums will be short lived!

- He is finally on completely thin liquids COMPLETELY! This is huge people!

He is such a stinker and I am NOT ready for him to be a big boy yet.

I find myself screaming inside, SOMEONE HOLD ME! LOL

- Mason is having some troubles with his health this last month so we have an emergency GI meeting this Monday. New meds and talk of going to a GJ-tube are on the list of topics.

- We have received his appointment for his EEG, looking for the seizures they think he maybe having. Its in early May.

- Still waiting for the appointment for the Sleep study, MRI and Chronic Pain Clinic.

- So many days and nights have been spent talking with so many options discussed. What are we going to do about his therapy? What are we going to do and what are we going to get for funding?

- We have decided with the help of the Child advocate that Night Nursing care is the best option for him and the family. So thats what they are going to be asking for. I am really unsure if that is exactly what we would like. Huh. 

-Mason will have a behavioural consultant that will be coming in the home soon to help us and also show Mason's BI what to do. This is all so new to us. All we know and this is the thought from everyone that Mason will go NO where until we get his behaviours under control. 

- Josh had EXPENSIVE dental surgery this month. The poor boy got my genes in the mouth department. (I already have a partial denture at 26, scary I know)

- Had a better month at school and has Spring Break coming up...Wonder what we are all going to do?

- Josh is at the beginning of reading, and it is so amazing. He just picked it up. Crazy how old they get and how fast!

- Been working loads of over time again...Blah. But we need him too so...

- Got himself some running shoes and decided to run 3km the first day back after not running for months. The worst part...he wasn't to affected by it. Again, SOMEONE HOLD ME, as if that is going to happen for me.

- In other news...Nick is boring so there is no more news.


- I have been dealing with my health over the last few months, my health sucks.
For those who don't know, which is most of you I was diagnosed with Crohnes when I was fifteen. They then changed my diagnosis to Ulcerative Colitis and then back to Crohnes. SoI really don't know what I exactly have..but let me tell you what ever it is NO longer in remission. I had a few troubles after I had Josh loosing 45 pounds in just 4 weeks, but got meds and got it under control. Since then I have had nothing, until now. I have been suffering with nausea and pain for a few months now. I guess I had a little flare up last week and ended up in the Emerge to get some fluids, they would have liked to keep me so I could see the GI alot sooner. My appointment had been for July and the ER Dr. said I couldn't wait that long. I agree! But I am not able to go into the hospital for a week or so at this point. So I went home and have been doing ok. My appointment has been moved up to April 12th and I am really happy about it! I am ALOT more tired, it's not just my brain thats tired body is SO tired. But I just tell myself, "suck it up princess" and I seem to be ok! 

- Paper..I have SO much paper coming from every direction to work on. I just re organized all Masons Medical files and papers, since the advicate needs them. I am in the middle of filling out 37 pages of a paperwork for them as well. And then there is Josh's school papers for enrolment for next year, as well as we are asking for assistance to keep him there. Still in a fight with the government about the $6000 owing. When really they should owe us THOUSANDS!

- Blog design business is doing well and I am now working for another HUGE designer 
April Showers. This has been a huge blessing as Money has/is so tight! But it is another thing on my plate...good thing its something I enjoy! 

- I got a great pair of running shoes that have yet to come out of the box...hoping I get up the nerves soon.

- THE HOUSE HUNT IS STILL ON! We have yet to find a house that we like that the owners haven't turned around to decide they are selling instead. Ugh. God will provide a house...he will! 

Coming Events:

Mason's 3rd Birthday is March 15!
- Gifts of jeans in size three would be lovely...(cough..Family are you listening??) LOL

Dana's 27th Birthday is March 23rd and I am feeling alot older. There seems to be a feeling of a huge difference in 26 to 27. 
-I need a gift too..LOL NEED. Ok I don't need...but I really WANT this.
I WANT it to say, "In him I trust" on the front & "For those I luv" on the backside. Also with the Sturdy Fine link chain. (Hint Hint) 
::wink wink:: 
Did you get the mesage? LOL 

*Want is not Need. And I really don't need. Which kinda stinks..LOL Love you all anyways :) 

Since I seem to be rambling...I am going to stop.

Check in for my next post which is HALF written...
Topic: "Retarded" 

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  1. So sorry you guys are having health issues momma! Hang in there lady, I'm thinking of you. ((hugs))