January 30, 2010


VARIETY-the children’s charity

Without Variety

Life would be so hard.


The meaning of charity:

“generous actions or donations to aid the poor, ill, or helpless.”

We as a family have felt “helpless” due to Mason’s “ill”ness and have become “not poor”, but have a CRAZY amount of debt.


Variety has been there for us when no one else was.

Charity is paying for Mason to survive.

Without Mason’s Feeding “tubie” he would die.

In Canada, where we have “Universal” Health Care...

there is no proper “care” for Mason’s “Syndrome’s”.

The government hasn’t yet covered Mason’s basics to survive.

By Basics, I mean $3000 dollars a month in Medical Supplies.

We have received a one year grant from H.E.N. (www.providencehealthcare.org) to cover Mason’s formula, eight feeding bags (supposed to use a new one everyday) and one extension per month (Supposed to be one a week) and one syringe a week...This is just about half of what Mason NEEDS to LIVE.

We as a family have become known to every Government Agency.

Everyone agrees that Mason’s basics SHOULD be covered...

But The Government isn’t willing to help us...

Rescued by VARIETY.

Variety has and is helping us...

Mason has a ONE year grant...

This coming October we will count on Variety to help us again,

will you help them help us?

Without Variety this year we were looking at having a VERY broken family...

The Government recommended it.



Help us Support Variety...The link is on our page.

Supporting Variety

is supporting MASON and many other Special Children.

Will you help?

Most people won’t...

What about you?

To those who have already Donated or helped our Family personally...we are forever grateful and give the Glory to God.

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