January 10, 2011

It’s In the Bag

 I am super excited to be joining "A Hasty Life" Blog Hop.
Believe it or not I have not ever really joined a hop that I had to post for!
But when it comes to a Bag, I am there.

So this is my latest.
It is from a company called, "The Sac".
For Christmas of 2009 I received two messenger styles bags from The Sac and fell in LOVE with their bags.
 When I spotted this Bag, I just happened to be with my Mom.
My Mom being who she is knew I was in mad love with this bag. She also knew that I would never spend money on myself like that.
This Christmas my Sister drew my name out out of the hat...
My Mom told exactly what I wanted, not needed, but really wanted.

It is a soft red leather with leather rope straps that retails for $59.99.

Now my bag has to be really big and easily organizable. 
Read "big" and "organized" as slightly OCD about a bag being organized.
I have three little boys, two still in diapers and no matter what as long as I live I will always have baby wipes in my bag.

So this is the Grown up portion of "The Sak".
I really love my wallet, it's from "Element" a skateboard apparel company. It has plenty of card spots, two spots for paper items and two zipper pouches. 
I never go any where without my iphone and dont remember how I lived life without it.
Next comes a pen, lipgloss, Starbucks Via instant coffee pouches, gum for after the coffee, Aleve for going anywhere with my kids and Victoria Secret Hand Lotion. 
These are items that are always in my bag. 

This is the Children portion of "The Sak".
I have three children, Josh is five, Mason is almost three and Carter is eighteen months.
Mason has "Special Powers", because of his "SP" he is tube fed, so I carry some extras in "The Sak". 
The MUST not leave the house without or you will be turning back home list:
- Diaper wipes
- 4 diapers minimum
- 1 Syringe
- 1 Can of Peptamin Jr.
- 4 "Simply Thick" for both Mason & Carter (liquid thickener)
- 2 Soothers at LEAST
- 3 Fruit snacks or some Gold Fish
- 2 cups made with thickener, plus a cup for Josh when he is with us.

The last item and the newest item is Mason's ipad.
Many of the parents of Special Powered kids have started using ipads for communication and anxiety. So far in our very short time of having it Mason along with all of us are really loving it.
I can tell that it will be something that goes everywhere with us.
::makes a spot in the bag for it::

The final weight of "The Sak" is eight pounds when I leave the house.

What's in your bag?

A Hasty Life

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The Sears Fam


  1. Your bag is so perfectly organized!! I'm really impressed!! How sweet of your sister to buy you that bag! It is super cute! I can see why you love it! Plus, I'm super jealous of your iPad! I really want one but I can't afford it on my meager student salary. Haha But as soon as I get a real job!! :)

    Thank you so much for participating!!!

    <3 Ashley

  2. cuuuute bag! i love RED!
    and of course you gotta make room for that sweet ipad. i would too!!

  3. i LOVE the color of your bag and the wallet too!! this is so much fun hopping around to see what's in everyone's bag! you can tell your a good mama! :)

  4. This has to be the most organized one I've seen, I'm impressed!!! :)

  5. WOW. You are such a trooper for carrying around an 8 lb. purse every day AND chasing after three boys! But seriously, bravo on being so organized. I can only hope to have it as together as you do!

  6. Thanks Ladies! I am just a tad neurotic when it comes to leaving the house with something I "may" need and I HATE when I can't find things. Also with three boys I have only half as second to look away...if it's always in the same spot my eyes never even have to hit the bag :) For those of you who don't have children you just wait!
    Isn't it fun peeking into other Ladies purses? It's the one thing I was told as a child, "Never go into someone else's purse". How the times have changed!
    Happy looking!

    Dana @ TheSearsFam