May 4, 2011

Motherhood: Includes...

Two beautiful Mothers Christine and Nadia, who have been a huge support for for my family are doing this amazing May Blog Hop. It is large group of talented woman sharing there deepest darkest secrets of Motherhood, or maybe just a day in their life. This is a celebration of Motherhood and everything that it brings us. I share only the dark secrets of Motherhood totally unfiltered. 

**Be warned the following is not for the expectant Mother, cause it's all a little too late for them.

Don’t be fooled Motherhood is not for the weak. There are many aspects I never expected...

1. Pregnancy brings all kinds of highlights. Loss of all dignity, saggy breasts, stretch marks (if you don’t have any shut it) and kankles.

2. Breast feeding is hard. Think cracked, bleeding nipples that burn as you feed your non-stop screaming baby. All this is topped of with boobs that cover your once kankles, now ankles that you still can’t see.

3. Poop. A whole lot of it. I am talking Black sticky poop, Breast fed “Poop Bombs” that cover the entire room, Poop Paste that is fun to finger paint with. Oh and Nuggets that are good for throwing at you and “Logs” that you never thought could come out of a child. And there is Purple, Green and Blue Poop...hint don’t feed your child a lot of “Blue Whale” candies. We will leave all the “sick” poops out cause seriously you don’t even want to know. Ok you do, think wretched Vanilla poop, Oh yes. Wretched Vanilla Scented Poop. All you tubie Mom’s know exactly what I am talking about.

4. Sleep. Don’t think you are going to get any. I don’t think I need cover this any further.
5. Baby food is gross unless you make it yourself. And when you make it yourself you get to see all of your work all over the babies face and the floor. 
6. Dieting after Childbirth or anytime for that matter. Good luck with that, I live on Coffee and Chocolate. Enough said.
7.  Sex. It only happens when it absolutely has too or you decide to be crazy and have more than one child. Don’t be crazy, you’ve been warned.
In all seriousness though I would never change any of this. 
Motherhood is full of crazy highs and lows, challenges and rewards.
Motherhood is an amazing life altering, character building process.
I have changed, my perspective on life has changed and my life could only be a little better than it is! 
I have three beautiful boys, one living with some very challenging Special Powers. Through these little Men’s short lives they have impacted me more than anything else ever has. I am a “changed” woman, in fact I believe I am now a woman. Before I was just a girl, but thats just where I was in my life. Some say that my family has been through more in the last three years than some go through in a lifetime. I look at as these little boys and God were just molding me for what is to come. Life couldn’t get much worse than some of the times we have been in and walked through. A little scaring is left and probably always will be. 

I don’t believe that you are just born a Mother, I believe that every Woman is molded into Motherhood by the children we have. Every Mother has her challenges, some different from others, but I do not believe any challenge is more challenging than another. 
Motherhood is not easy, sometimes I could run and hide, and sometimes I do run and hide for a moment or two. And that is ok.

Funny thing, the only thing I would change is for all of my Son’s health to be the best it can be.
I never wanted to be a Mother, until I was a Mother.
Motherhood has made me complete as a human being and as a wife.
Motherhood is full of challenges and surprises at every step, just make sure you enjoy them along the way.
So I couldn’t stop at just one Motherhood post...
Check in tomorrow for “Motherhood: My Highs & Lows”.

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  1. Dana, I am so happy to have found you through the blog hop. I like how you refer to special needs as "super powers". My younger son has those, as well. We likely could compare stories. We have been through quite a few rough patches in the past five years. I will definitely visit often. You have a beautiful family.

  2. Awwww....I LOVED this! Every bit of it!! This May Mom Blog Hop is AWESOME!!!!

  3. I know you have been through so much and I so admire your will. It may be a hard road, but you really hang in there and do all you can. I'm so glad you were able to join us on this blog hop because there are moms that need to know that even through tough times, there's hope, love and support. <3

  4. This May Mom Blog Hop is fantastic! I'm meeting all kinds of new bloggers!

    Your honesty is's not all fun and games when you're a mom - it's HARD work and I wish at least once a day that I could run and hide :)

  5. Enjoying this May Mom Blog tour so much. Find new blogs and different views. Great blog!

  6. Great post! I am so glad to have found your blog on the May Mom Blog Hop :)

    Your assessment of sleep is spot on. I haven't slept well in almost four years now O.O