March 27, 2011

Sitting here wondering...

I should be sleeping.
My body is tired, its needs to rest.
Tomorrow Mason has yet another test at Children's Hospital.
An EEG to be exact.
Since he was in the hospital at 11 months old I thought he needed this test.
But here we are just over two years later...
sitting wondering if Mason has been having seizures all this time.
If it is so, how is it going to change things. 
Is there going to be change?
What damage has been or not been done?

Praying for no seizures, praying that if he is having them at all tomorrow will show us.

So in 4 hours I will get up with him for good, gotta get him to fall asleep halfway through the test. 
Melatonin will be present.
Long drive in, hoping neither him nor I fall asleep on the way.