April 26, 2010

The results are in...

my son doesn't have Autism.

it's great news that comes with a different burden.
Mason does have:
1- Sensory Integration disorder
-he will have a full screening done next week to see how affected he is.
2. Probable Oppositional Defiant Disorder
-they say he has it, but too young to label him with it.
3. Probable Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
-they say Mason has this, especially with the severity of his symptoms at age 2. However we have to decide whether we would like this label now or wait?

Mason has alot of the symptoms of Autism...
but is able to fully function when he would like/is able to.
The reason he can have similar symptoms of Autism is due to the severity of his SID.

Mason will need the same therapy as a child with Autism...
it just won't be funded.
Therefore he will not be receiving it...
at this point.
I will have to start begging everywhere for funding again.

The team has given us some recommendations & has given us ideas of what we need to do to get help.
& they believe we are going to need help,
"Mason is not a child that you can't make a mistake with."
Great no pressure!

It is a scary idea...
we will be thinking about it.

So, yes we are thrilled that Mason doesn't have Autism, a life long disorder...
he just has other life long disorders that he won't be able to get the proper help for.
It seems that this "health care" system is failing us in every way possible.

I will be contacting some places today to see if we can get help.

Thank you for your prayers & support through this testing.
It has been hard & we are glad to have some answers, however "probable" they have to maintain for now.


  1. He's FAR too young for any "professional" to throw around an ODD label. FAR too young. This is usually reserved for children MINIMUM school age, and almost all children with an accurate ODD diagnosis have experienced serious abuse and neglect in early childhood. No responsible child psychologist or child psychiatrist should ever be throwing this label around!

  2. Crazy...Cuz I have had two different Psychologists throw it our way...Without knowing about each other...That is one of the reasons we went for the Autism testing...

  3. Maybe the trama of not being able to eat caused it? I know you were trying everything to help M, but his body was totally working against you. Perhaps that is the root?

    How are things going with his physical therapist?

  4. He doesn't have a physical therapist, he only has a OT for eating. Which we have not seen since the first visit! I hope we will get an app soon! I am waiting for a reply of my app...I think alot of what is his problem is his Sensory issues. I think that as we learn to handle his sensory issues the behaviours get better? He is having a full evaluation for his sensory issues next week...1.5 weeks until we get the results. I think that forcing Mason to do things that hurt him, have hurt him. Also Mason has a lot of trouble expressing emotions so that plays a role. I am still convinced he feels really crappy when he eats any food...ie why he usually just chews and spits it back out again. Thanks for thinking of us Nancy. I really truly, deeply appreciate it.