April 25, 2010

Tomorrow is the day...

tomorrow could change everything.

so our appointment is tomorrow.
you know the one where we find out what the autism center thinks of mason.
the one where they tell me about who my son is...
where they explain why my son is the way he is.
the one that could change everything for the rest of our lives & mason's.

what do i hope to gain tomorrow?
i do not want them to tell me my son has autism.
i don't know if he does?
unless...he does?
the spectrum is so broad.

would it help?
unfortunatly yes.
why you ask?
because the only thing that has been said to us thus far in mason's life is...
"he needs this therapy, but he doesn't qualify."
i don't understand if he needs it why he doesn't qualify...
but that's our government.

if mason were to fit in one of the autism "boxes"
he would qualify for for funding for his g-tube supplies & for the therapy he needs.
yes the amount of therapies he needs will not be covered...
but something is better than nothing.
wouldn't it?
but he would have a label for the rest of his life.

my tummy is nervous!!!
will be blogging tomorrow to let you know what they said.

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  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Crossing fingers it all works out for you. Look forward to hearing how it goes.