December 6, 2010

I am ok.

It is no secret I have been numb for a month or so now.
Fighting for so long to have Diagnosis, to find out what is really wrong with my son has been draining.
The report is here and it's real.

Finally knowing has been surreal.

My son, my Mason has Smith-Magenis Syndrome & Autism.

And let the tears flow...
numbness is slowly creeping away.

I am ok, this is good.
I needed to feel again. 

The report makes it all real.
It means Mason is going to get help now.
Our family is going to get help.

I am ok.

The Sears Fam

See Autism Report below.


  1. You are OK. It's so good you know that. And now Mason will be covered, and cared for, and getting the right treatment. My heart just swells so much whenever I read your blog. Your boys are all so beautiful. Mason is so beautiful. He's so lucky to have you. xo, mama

  2. You've been through SO MUCH. The numbness is more than understandable. I hope you find a much-needed relief in the coming weeks and months -- that Mason and your family get the help you need, the help you deserve.

    Feel it all. Feel anything you want to, mama.


  3. you are ok, and you will be ok. yes.

    I love you.

    You are a good mama. don't you forget that!

  4. You are a special woman chosen by God for the journey you are on. The path is indeed incredibly difficult at times, but He is there to strengthen you, hold you, love you and more every step of the way. Blessings!

  5. You are okay and you will be ok, Mama Bear! Our family will keep praying for you every step of the way!
    The Forgie Family

  6. Sending lots of good thoughts your way. First time on your blog but I am sending all the good wishes I can!

  7. I am so glad for you and the relief you must be feeling. It drains you, all of that worrying and wondering. And now you'll have that energy to keep helping Mason. You are such an incredibly strong mama. Keep your chin up!

    And thank you for all of the warm fuzzy tweets the other day. It really helps to have someone to relate to, so thanks.