December 2, 2010

I cried today.

We were slapped in the face today.
And it hurt.
I guess the "numbness" is finally subsiding & let me tell you it doesn't feel nice.
The Government got us again.

The Negatives in the last three weeks.
1. Mason was diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome & Autism.
2. I found out my Identity has been stolen.
Kind of fitting as I felt stuck in someone else's life.
3. The Government told us today we owe $6000 dollars, they had screwed up last two years & were giving us too much Child tax benefit every month. This is my only income & the only money the government gives Mason. They are garnishing Mason's Disability Benefit & the Child tax benefit for the next 13 months. I have filled an appeal to not have to pay the money back, but the likely hood of that happening is pretty much nil. 
4. We are now going to have to move to I don't know where when our Lease is up unless there is some kind of divine intervention.
5. Josh has been to the Principles office & has been punching other children at school.

The Positives in the last three weeks.
1. Mason was diagnosed with Smith-Magenis Syndrome & Autism.
I am just glad to know what we need to do to help Mason.
2. We found out that my Husbands shifts are NOT going to be changing & that means there will still be overtime.
He just worked 12hr shifts 10 out 12 days, poor Man & poor Mama.
3. The Government gave us the Grant to have more extensive Genetic testing to find out what mutations of SMS Mason has. This will help them decide on the best Medical treatments.
This grant is not one that people are usually able to get.
4. After putting my foot down, squeaking some more wheels I got some oil. The At-home Program Nurse was at our home on Monday. In her opinion Mason is dependent in 3.5 out of 4 of the requirements. Now it will be up to the board on Dec 16th to decide if they agree. If they do Mason will get Medical funding. It would be the best Christmas present someone could give us.
5. My Blog Design business is slowly starting to pick up & it couldn't be at a better time. 
6. Josh is going to be taking the bus as of Monday. This will save 1.5 hrs of driving time, gas & Mine, Mason's & Carters sanity. And Josh is thrilled to be taking the bus!
7. Josh has started seeing the Councilor at his School.
8. I cried today.

The work to be done: 
1. Get my identity back. Close & open all new bank accounts, call all creditors, get new SIN#, new Drivers, fill out fido paper work, and file a police report.
2. Fill out & get the Drs. to finish filling out paper work for Autism funding & Charity letters.
3. Lots of follow up appointments with several Specialists now that we have a Diagnosis.
4. File the papers for Autism funding & Charity funding.

There is so much more to be done, but I am not going to bore you anymore.

Today was a hard day.
I felt like we have taken 3 steps forward to only take 5 steps back.
Tomorrow is a new day & hopefully we can take it on with smiles.

Josh is staying home from school tomorrow so we can go see Santa at a quiet time for Mason. We are then headed to Children's for Josh's appointment and Mason's blood work.

Hoping to post our Santa photos soon! 

Any Millionaires out there that could share some of their wealth with us?
Just checking.
Miracles can happen right!

The Sears Fam


  1. First off, you definitely don't bore us. Well, I can only speak for myself.

    I can sympathize with having your identity stolen. When my wife and I got married, we went looking to buy a house, only to discover that my identity had been stolen. Needless to say, a house does not look to be soon in our future, unless someone builds us one. :)

    We also know what a fight it can be to get the government on your side in taking care of your special needs child. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and yours, Dana.

  2. Please know that I am praying for you!!!

    I enjoy reading your blog and I'm sorry for the circumstances that I'm reading it though ... and I hope you understand that and don't take it in a negative way ... as a person who grew up with a Heart Defect I know just how trying having a disability can be and just how wonderful it feels to get the right diagnoses and treatment ... I'm alive because of both!!

    I want you to know I will pray for you ... the government is a cruel thing and I can only say that in the hopes and prayers that everything will work out for you and your family ...

    I am so sorry about having your identity stolen, my mother had that happen to her and it rattled her for a while until she got everything cleared up it's a long process but please know prayers are with you all the way ...

    Now I do have a question ... what type of blog designing do you do?? I'd love to have you design something for me ... and be able to help your family at the same time ... please when you find the time email me ...

  3. Dana- you already know this...and i know how easy it is for someone to say it on the outside looking in, BUT....God knows your every need. He knows just what you need when you need it. And He will provide. He will provide through family and friends. He will provide through your blog design. He will provide. And it will be at the very last second. It always is.

    Before Joshua was born, we were living on a $2500 deficit. I don't know how we survived. I don't know how the only bill we were behind on was our mortgage. God was providing. He has continued to provide (you already know the specifics of that...)

    Just continue to trust. It's ok to cry. It's ok to worry, but remember that deep down in the darkest crevices of your heart to just continue to keep faith that He will provide. I am doing that for you. God will give you your daily bread.

    I love you my friend. I'm sorry things are so rough. I wish I was closer to help you guys out or even just come over and watch the boys so you can take a nap or work on your blog designs.

    As Dori from Nemo says: "Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming."

  4. sending you love and continued strength. i wish there was more i could do to help - i wish i lived closer!

    sending you hugs from afar ♥

  5. Girl. I don't even have words. Extra prayers today.

  6. Hugs & prayers. Love you and just like Jill said, we will all be Dori with you and swim together :)

  7. So proud of you for being so strong and refusing to let the good things go unnoticed, even though crap may seem to drown out everything else. Thinking of you, and sending good thoughts your way :)

  8. I will be praying for your family. God works amazing miracles if we only believe.

  9. You are very strong - being able to recognized both the good and bad. Mason and Josh are fortunate to have you as Mum. Barbara