October 23, 2010

Pumpkins taught me.

Josh had a field trip to the Pumpkin Patch.
Nick though it would be a good idea to all go as a family since he had the day off. 
As I watched the weather for a week & it said rain.
 I was dreading going, I knew what was going to happen.
Friday came & so did the rain.
But we were going to the Pumpkin Patch as a Family no matter what I said.

So we dropped off Josh at his school for his attendance, he told the teacher we went shopping...
so she set him up for another Mom to take him to the pumpkin patch. 
We found him just as he was getting in the other child's car, I told him no he was coming with us.
"We were going as a family".
He cried half the way to the pumpkin patch.
I blame the teacher.

Finally we got there.
Josh was a grump...
Mason wanted to "pumpkin patch"...
Carter was snuggled into my chest ready to cuddle his Mama.
And because of someone special I have been snuggling my babies alot more.

So we stood for 20 minutes or so waiting to get in. 
Mason started his melting down...
he bit, kicked & pinched Nick over & over.
The looks had started.
Then we finally got to go in & find our pumpkin. 
Josh & Mason loved the tractor ride.
Carter couldn't really care & my butt was sore. 
We found our pumpkins, got them weighed & completed our tractor ride.

Snack was next, in which Mason completely started melting down.
Nick took him for walks around while we all had snack.
Then followed the "petting zoo".
We saw a whole bunch of different animals & they boys got to run around.

But all the people & all the noise had Mason just losing it.
It was just too much for him.
So we left 2 hours early.

I felt angry & I felt we were all robbed as a family.
Family outings are just not going to be possible anymore.
It's just to stressful. 
I was hurt & I felt guilty for Josh, Mason & Carter.
How were we going to make this right.

Nick & I left that farm so stressed out & tired.
We know this is our life now. 
I was sad.

Then I looked at the pictures that we took between all the meltdowns.
Despite what Nick & I felt with all the stress...
the pictures don't lie.
Our boys did have fun, even if was just fun in between the meltdowns.
It was worth it. 
Nick & I have to suck it up.
We have to learn to deal with Mason just the way he is.
Our lives could be worse.
Mason could not be here.
We are the lucky ones who have Mason.
He is a gift from God.
Family outings need to happen...
we just need to learn how.

The pictures don't lie.

It was a good day.


  1. Dana - your pictures are worth a million words! As hard was the day was, it looks like the boys had a blast. In the years to come and you all sit around and look at the pictures-- that is what you will remember-- the smiles on their faces as they posed with their pumpkins!

  2. Prayers for you always Mama. You are right. It WAS a good day. :-)

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Good parents that you are, you took all the stress upon yourselves (which sucks for you, my heart goes out to you) and gave your boys an amazing day. You're right, the pics don't lie, those boys' smiles tell it all. The boys would say you gave them an awesome, fun day as a family!