October 15, 2010

We have thankful hearts.

Today was not a hard day.

Our past has been hard. 
The future will be hard too.
We know that.

But we have felt alot of arms around us today.
For that we want to thank you.
Your thoughts & kind words have leaned on our hearts.
We have a renewed spirit.

It feels good to get all the "vomit" out in the open.

The application for At-Home Program went in today.
The process will take a few months.
We are asking for prayers in this time.
Our Family & Mason need this funding.
If Mason gets on the At-Home Program it will be easier to get help.
Mason's Feeding equipment will be covered.
Some of the stress will be removed.

We are just sitting here waiting for results from Genetics & other assessments. 
Just sitting waiting for the government to help.

We have lots of people ask how they can help today.
Anyway you feel you can help will help.
We are open to help.
I have not asked to often, it makes me feel guilty.
But today we are asking for help for Mason.

We just wanted to let you know that today was a good day.
We feel cautiously optimistic.

So thank you.
Thank you.

The Sears Family


  1. Hi from the special needs blog hop...I too have problems asking for help..and yet am quite happy to offer it..go figure..:)

  2. All my thoughts are with you !! I wish i could help & please let me know if there is anything you think i can help with. you are a fighter mama & an amazing mom - you boys are very lucky <3

  3. Kathleen,
    Thank you for hopping over here! I am always happier to solve others problems too. But lately I have given it up. It's time for us to take help. I shall be hopping over to see if you have a blog!

    You are such a great friend. I hope to meet you and hug you for reals. You just supporting me and letting me know you care is a lot of help. I have really needed the pick me up!