October 17, 2010

This is for Dana

Many of you know that I have am slightly creative.
I have really missed being able to create since Mason was born.
But needing some "me" time & needing to make some extra funds...
I have created this.
This is my room.
It is full of my stuff. 
It has taken for ever to get it organized, but I am so happy with the way it turned out.


In this room I create Custom Blog Designs & Magnets along with Wedding Invites, Announcement cards & even Digital CHRISTMAS cards.

I am excited to have this space.


My Craft Cabinet!

Removable stickers are great when you rent & best of all it was a gift from my sister that has been just sitting around!
This is where I deal with Mason's paper work & Bills.
But the best part of this spot is this is where I Design Blogs & write for my own.

Now because we rent I am unable to put more than two holes in a wall. I have used an old frame, fabric, ribbon, & tacs to create a place where I can put up anything I like! 
This desk is used for making Magnets, Paper Invites & Sewing!

The view from my window. The sunlight and greenery is beautiful.

I once was a Nail technician & this is my cabinet full of Girlie stuff.
I do still do a few things, mostly do Gellie Toes.

This is my new room.
Nothing I have in this room is new it was al unused pieces we had spread all over the house. I have two things to purchase at some point. I need some wood to build a few shelves for in the white desk. (see the baskets) I also need some kind of container or organizer for my 12 x 12 Scrapbook papers. 
If you have any ideas or have something that you are willing to part with for my Scrapbook paper can you let me know?

These are some of my current Magnets, they will be going up Monday for sale on my 
I love these old cookie sheets. They are great to use once the Magnets are all finished, because they stick on and don't move anywhere.

This is my next project. 
It once was a mirror that got broken and the bottom part is just paper covered cardboard.
I plan to buy some thin Cork & a funky fabric to recover the bottom part. 

Just thought I'd share what I have been working on at night, once everything else has been done.


  1. it all looks so great, dana! so impressed. :)

  2. What a nice work space you have created for yourself!

  3. Awesome! Love the space. Can't wait to see your magnets. :)

  4. Nice! Now come over and fix my office/craft room...please!

  5. I'm so jealous! I wish I had a 'space'. My crap is ALL over the house :-( yea for you!

  6. Can I hire you to clean my house?

  7. Nice! Man,I wish I had my own room like that!

  8. It is super cute!! And with all the stuff you have going on on a daily basis, you deserve a little sanctuary of your own.

  9. LOVE it.
    i totally need a space like that!