November 11, 2010

Designs by Dana Giveaway!

I am really excited to have teamed up with Kim from Yellowsongbird! She is the biggest sweetheart & her Etsy shop is opening soon so make sure you watch for it!

Would you like a new Design? Head over to Kim's Blog to enter!

Good luck!

The Sears Fam


  1. I'm here from Hormonal Imbalances, looking around. Can I just give you a huge hug? My son, John experienced MANY of the exact problems the first 2 years of his life. Reading Mason's story gave me goosebumps. His eppiglotis didn't work -- only we didn't know, so he aspirated every time he ate. You know the deal. From day one we said something was wrong. And we were 3rd time parents. uhg, it's a long story. One you kinda know. Anyway. My blog is by no means the size of Diana's, but I'm going to grab your button and follow you. I also would like to share John's full story w/ you and see if you'd be willing to let me link a post to you one day. I can't grab the button now, I'm on my very annoying laptop. But I'm bookmarking you and I'll be here tomorrow.

  2. Kim- Can I give you a hug back! Mason also Aspirates don't know how much you have read about our story yet. Is John better? I am going to travel over to your blog! Also go sign up for a blog could be a ton of fun! I want to hear your story! Ok. which I could chat with you RIGHT now. Are you on Twitter too? Ok. I'm waiting for you reply!!!

  3. I'm on twitter! but like a newborn babe! babyfeet3 you? John outgrew the eppiglotis problem by some miracle. We used thick it to get ALL his food to milk shake consistency, and he was delayed. I have my degree in special education and my radar was going off like crazy at about 1 week b/c of the feeding issues. I have to go to bed, but I SO want to talk with you! Mainly b/c I want to tell you that on some level I understand your frustration w/ not having a diagnosis. For 8 months we had nothing. I was actually afraid the docs thought *I* might be the problem. Like causing it. It was horrible. I haven't blogged about it, so you won't find the full story over there but know that I share some of what you're going through. We'll compare and come up with a game plan. I bet Mason puked all the time? Right? I can STILL smell that smell. My daughter, Sarah's, birthday party is tomorrow (15, 5 year olds. Help!) so I have to sleep. We will talk SOON!

  4. by 'game plan' I mean for our blog link ups, not that I am going to solve all the problems, that sounded so awful!! Must sleep!