November 9, 2010

It has been a day times ten.

Both Mason & I are really tired after today.
I don't know how today went or how I feel about it.
I feel like I sat back & watched what happened. 
I didn't fight for him today...
I guess when I got there I was just kinda done fighting on my own.
I left it fully up to God.
And it's about time I did.

So will Mason get the help he needs?
I am having faith in God that he will.
If he doesn't I may fall apart, {fair warning}.

So I am exhausted & it's 8pm. 
I am going to bed. 
I plan on writing a little more tomorrow.
But now I need sleep more than I need anything.

Sweet dreams.
I love you all more than I can explain.

The Sears Fam

Ps. If I do lose it please stick around to help me pick up the pieces, K?
Pps. I burnt my finger when I made Mac & cheese for my dinner. It is so bad I felt nothing for one hour, now it's all I can feel.
Ppps. Dear Hubs, you should have bought me these pots for Mother's Day. I need burn free handles on my pots, I am too tired to remember to grab the gloves. 


  1. Hope you guys are able to rest well tonight. Was just praying for you, when I saw you had posted. Will cont. to pray :)

  2. Dana I have been thinking of you guys and praying for you guys all day long! I pray that God's favor was with you all so fully that you even get paid back for things they should have been paying for for months!!! I stand beside you, holding up your hands today during this battle. I can't wait for tomorrow update.

    As far as sticking around to pick up the pieces, today was an awful day in my world, if you promise to stick around so will I. ;o) okay I will stick around even if you bail on

    Praying girl for you and for Mason!!