November 8, 2010

New Family pics from a friend!

Apparently we still are a Hot couple! LOL

And we all know what this leads to...

It leads to a BIG family & this picture is so our family.

Welcome to Carter's cheeky face.

Oh they are too cute...but oh so naughty. 

 Trying to get a good family pic... priceless.

The Sears Fam


  1. Every single picture is priceless! Your family is adorable! Just, omg, so adorable. Congrats on the beautiful photo shoot. xo

  2. yeah - you dudes are too cute to be true! Love the photos!!

  3. I love them. Every one of them! Too cute.

  4. LOL Thanks guys! I new they weren't going to be perfect...but neither is our family so it is what it is.

  5. umm, dude
    how friggy cute are you all
    but you are still the cutest

  6. Family Sized Fun- Thanks Lady! I feel like I need to lose some weight even more. Healthy eating all day instead of one meal a day I come...

  7. dude.
    i even wrote but then deleted this sentence in my original comment:

    "ps i can't believe you try to tell me you are FAT
    stop lying just to try and make me feel better!"

    but of course now i had to put it back up there, so
    deal with it. you are gorgeous!

  8. PuhLEASE tell me you are framing that last picture! PLEASE.I love it.

  9. Family sized fun- It's was the camera angle and I have 30 pounds to lose. So that makes me 30 pounds overweight & fat. Not trying to make you feel better. Your phat too. We are all fat. Phat. LOL :)

    Miranda- I am so framing it...I love it too! It is so us. We are Crazy.

  10. I can't believe how the oldest 2 look like twins! lol

  11. I absolutely love them!!! Beautiful! And those boys... I could just eat them up. ;)