July 30, 2010

Almost {who am I kidding} Wordless Wednesday...now Friday

So this was meant to be posted on Wednesday for his 1st b-day, but we all came down with the flu. Better late than never!

Dear Carter,

Today is your 1st Birthday.
It is really hard to believe that time has passed so quickly...
you will always be my Baby.

You have brought so much Joy to this family,
more than one could ever expect.
You are a gift from God...
the reason I smile the most in each day.
When times are dark you smile,
you laugh,
you bring calm to the storm,
you are the reason we realize what we have is so much more than we give God the credit for.
You have taught Daddy & I to have more Faith, 
to live like nothing can't be over come.
You have taught Josh to love & to be gentle. 
You have taught him what little brothers need.
You are why Mason waves hello, 
why he claps his hands & you keep teaching.
I know that you were given to us from God for a greater reason than to be our son.
I am give it all to the Lord.
You are destined for Greatness...
don't you ever tell let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are my ham & my Baby Car-Car.
I love you more than I thought I could.
 Happy 1st Birthday Car-Car.

You were born on July 28th, 2010 & your Big brothers loved you instantly!

You tuckered us all out within the first two days & then we took you on your first hike.

When you were hospitalized & scared us all. We are so happy you are now doing SO well.


Daddy & Mommy lovin times.

Your first smile & playing with your brother.


Our Nanny that lasted 2 months...maybe you can see why? 

Your first Christmas.

You have my heart.


What big eyes you have!


The biggest snot bubble I have ever seen & dead to the world.


You are definitely my most mischievous baby.

Loving all your bums!

First time climbing & first ice cream cake.


You are my baby who eats & sleeps. My dream come true!

Trying to walk & fooling around with Josh.


You are one of the loves of my life and I love you even if you eat & poop sand.

Being naughty not sitting in your high chair at your birthday dinner. Which ended early b/c you started puking.

You are definitely a cutie pie & we love you so much.

Love your Daddy, Mommy, Josh & Mason.

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