July 27, 2010

there can be Hope.

A meeting.

we have been working for the last couple of months on creating a society.
it has been formed.
"Mason's Story Society"
this society is for Mason.
the society now has 5+ Board Members who will help us make decisions about Mason's care.
there is a non-profit Society called Vela Microboarding.
they are helping us with this & will be taking Mason's "service" needs to the government.
this will provide 1 on 1 services for Mason & respite for us.
oh what sleep could feel like?

Vela along with "Kids Matter" are also helping us with getting Mason's proper diagnose.
they are also helping us get our package together with all the evidence we need for the government to support Mason through the "At-Home" program. 
This program should cover Mason's feeding and medical supplies.

many calls have been made & many not returned...
but we will get M the help he deserves.

we feel Hope.
it's not something we have felt in awhile so it's exciting.

We are also getting ready & we are getting excited about the 2 month long Variety-The Children's Charity Coin Drive! 
In this Coin Drive we will be representing The City of Surrey, trying to raise money to help families like ours. 
I have been talking with Dianne Watts, Mayor of Surrey & it looks like she is on Board to help.

Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers in the next couple months as we battle the government to give Mason the care he needs.

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