July 21, 2010

Almost Wordless Wednesday.

Just a little cuteness to add to your day!

I just had to show you Carter eating, he is doing SO much better!
First ice cream cake & first time eating with a plate!

Mason having is PH Prob test (tube in his nose) & a broken feeding pump. So he was stuck to an IV pole for 3.5 days!
Mason's roaring face to show he has his Backpack back (no more pole) & is ready to take you on!

Josh with his Preschool teachers who are also doing his summer school program!
Josh has been so grumpy lately, so many of my pics look like this cute angry face.
Being 4/5 is tough you know!
Josh says he is 4/5 because his clothing says 4/5.

My new way of saving $$$ is coupon shopping.
Got all of this for $8.34
Just in case you were wondering...

Have a great day!


  1. Your kids faces always make me smile :) So happy Mason has his backpack back {that is fun to say - backpack back}

    Good job with the coupons that is a lot of loot for $8!

  2. I love that your oldest says he's 4/5 -that sounds like something KC (my oldest) would say too.

    And, all that for $8.34 -that's awesome!! WTG on the coupon clipping!!

  3. So cute! Even the grumpy face. Are those really preschool teachers? They look so dressed up!

  4. Devan- Thanks Hun!

    Nicole- I love his 4/5, everyone always questions him when he says it. Then he dukes it out...."My clothes are 4/5 & so am I. Thank you" And yes the coupons are a new thing for me...LOVE IT! I totally get the "Start the CAR!" moment!

    Holly- Yes they are..LOL It was graduation day, but they are always dressed up. It's a Montessori, thats super old school!

  5. Your sons are ADORE-able! I want to squeeze them!

    PS Where do you get your coupons? I want to star coupon shopping as well but don't really know where to start. I get a few here and there in the mail box but it doesn't seem like a lot. Sunday paper?