July 19, 2010

Do you have comments?

Thoughts & Comments
I love having your thoughts & comments.
I am a person who has a hard time talking about my feelings to others.
I have a hard time getting my thoughts out with verbal speech.
I am a very visual person.
I do not like talking about my feelings face to face.
I am not able to process when someone calls, asks about my feelings in the last blog.
And then would like me to answer their question, without the time to think things through!
My feelings are on the page because I can't talk about them.
I like writing about my feelings so I can see them.
I like to walk away, think about what is said...
Sometimes over analyze.
But I like a moment to myself to visualize and decide on how the comment fits.
You see it's not that I don't appreciate what others say...
I just need a moment to process.
This Blog is how I share my deepest feelings without feeling uncomfortable.
When I talk to someone face to face I tend to put my emotions to the side, hopefully without seeming cold or harsh.
We have been through a lot in the past 7 years.
The past 3 were the hardest for myself.
It has been recommended that we seek counseling to help us feel...LOL
This would be very hard for me to do face to face.
To share my feelings with someone staring at me as I ramble, because I can't see my thoughts.
This is why this Blog is so good.
Therapeutic if you will.
So with all this said,
I love your comments and thoughts.
They mean alot to me.
I really never thought that this Blog would become what it has.
I didn't really think anyone would care to read my thoughts.
But I care about reading yours.
I love my life and whatever way God intends for it to flourish.
I am not and will never pretend to be a writer.
My grammar is aweful, I know that.
I don't really care.
This is my way of seeking therapy.
My way of venting and telling those who want to listen.
My way of "doing it".
So Please feel free to leave your thoughts on this Blog.
I appreciate it.


  1. Sending you some LOVE today. I use my blog for the same reasons. I can not talk about it in person because i am not an outwardly emotional person.

    My family reads my site & i have instructed them not to talk about the emotional aspects in person. if they have something to say about it i ask they leave it as a comment or email me. Much easier for me that way.

  2. La La- Thanks hun!
    Devan- That is EXACTLY how I feel. I don't want to "talk" about. But I can write about it!

  3. Have just found your blog.
    I feel the same way.
    My blog is my therapy.