July 1, 2010

the month of june.

It has been a really busy month.

it starts of by alot of interuption at Nick's work.
Nick has been given a new position on the new press and has been gone more than often for training.
there have been so many ups and downs...
not knowing what his shifts were going to be.
not knowing what he was going to be making...
no he didn't get a pay raise, but with hours changing money can change.
so needless to say it has been a very stressful month for us...

Mason has met with the sleep Dr. and has had a sleep study done already.
we are waiting to get the results of the study.
they basically said, whatever it is it's not going to be easy.
is anything ever easy with M?

we also met with the new Gi Dr.
now we have been waiting to see this guy for months now.
i had all my questions lined up and i was ready for answers.
this is the Dr. who is the "know all" for G-tube feeding and problems of G-tubes.
our first appointment did not go how i planned.
Nick couldn't the time off work and I had to go it alone.
I was exhausted and felt completely destroyed walking into the app.
never a good thing.
in a 2 hour period I saw the Dr. for about 20 mins..I sat waiting with his nurse for the remainder of the time. 
when the Dr. finally came in he had a plan...
a plan not to answer any of my questions!
but a plan for another surgery.
he would talk to us more when he knew more.
you see M's health has declined a fair amount in the last 5 weeks. There is something going on and it's not good what ever it is. 
M has stopped swallowing pretty much everything...including his drool.
this has never been my son...
he has always been keen to put stuff in his mouth...
not anymore.
they are worried because these symptoms mean something has really changed, and not for the good.
i have since got a call that they aren't going to do that surgery rather another test called a 
PH Prob study.
the procedure, a tube through your nose down into your tummy that measures your acid levels, to check for how bad his reflux still is.
This is a test we have asked for but never received.
so dispite the meeting not going as planned we are pretty happy so far.
let you know when we know the results of the test.

we have also met with Jodi Tucker from Kid's Matter.
she is an advocate and we have hired her on to help us.
her goal is to get mason labeled and funded.
we will spend the next couple months trying to prove that m fits in the autism spectrum.
we have also talked with Lori from Vela Microboarding.
we are going to be forming a micro foundation around Mason with Vela.
this can help provide M and our Fam with all our needs for M.
these are several months projects...
keep you up to date on the goings on.

Josh has finished preschool and is ready for kindergarten.
the very next day after finishing he was asking to go to K.
"i would love for you to go buddy!"
J starts a summer program july 5...
it is a 4 hour day program mon-fri.
it's going to be a lot of fun for him!

Carter has now been switched to all that is thickened.
and he really needs those adenoids out!
C is growing so fast...
shocking that next month he is going to be 1...
then I will be forever babyless :(

I feel like I am missing a ton from this month...
it was a really long stressful month.
but there were some really good break throughs!

as you can see my Blog is a mess and i am in the middle of re-designing it!
if anyone knows someone who designs blogs and is REALLY good and quick...
send them my way!

please have patience!

The Sears Fam!

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