March 4, 2010

Julia & Julia

Julia & Julia & Dana

As I actually sit and watch Julia & Julia for the second time,
I feel the need to write.

This story amazes me.

The wise Julia.
(Wise meaning older)
She is an amazing woman,
So down to earth and so talented.
She is so sure of herself,
So confident that she can do anything.
Julia is calm, beautiful and she wears pearls...
Pearls in the Kitchen!
"Bon A petite"
This was how Julia said hello, and good bye.

The young Julie.
She is at first a lady who has lost her way.
She is also down to earth and talented,
Julia is just unable to finish anything she starts.
Julia is emotional and funny.
She decides to cook her way through Julia Child's cookbook and Blog about it along the way.
It is a 365 Day, 514 Recipe adventure.
So it begins.

A mom who has lost her sense of who she is?
Other than "Mommy"
Down to earth and a Dreamer.
Talented with her hands, but no time to use with her talents.
Dana is physically and emotionally drained.
She decided to start a Blog of her thoughts.
Her Blog is a form of therapy for her.
Dana's Blog will end when she feels it's time.
There is no added adventure needed...
Her life is already enough of an adventure.

I felt excited and very touched by this movie.
Young Julia is kinda like me just, we are just on very different paths of life.
We both have lost our way and strive for more.
We both decided to start a Blog...for almost the same reasons.
A path to follow, something that is ours and something to actually finish.

I think in a way wise Julia is someone I will strive harder to be.

I think I may try one day to cook my way through Julia Child's cookbook.
Not for the need...
Just to learn to cook and eat some good food.
But not until I'm skinny...skinny...skinny!LOL
It will be an adventure when my life calms down, that I can take on.
I am sure that later in life I will look back at this time and think....
Now what?

Just watch the movie!

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