March 16, 2010


Mason is 2.

Mason is 2.
His birthday was yesterday.
When I ask Mason how old he is, he says "free" and holds up one finger!

It is hard to believe.
The past two years are a blur, trying to make sense of what has happened is crazy.
I am done looking to the past.

Mason's has made it to his 2nd Birthday & he is doing better than he ever.
It's pretty cute hearing him call me "Dana" just to be cheeky!
Or "Nakey butt" when he has managed to get his diaper off!
He is growing up.

We did something that I think is so cool.
As a Family we Bowled for Variety's kids, on Mason's 2nd Birthday.
Variety is the Children's Charity who has helped us these past 2 years.
We raised $550 for Mason's Birthday!
So cool.

Mason & Daddy bowling together.

Mason bowling on his own.

Taking a break!

My son is a fighter.
I have no idea what else Mason & our family will have to fight in our future?
But we are ready for it.
We will fight and we will win.

There are lots of ups & downs...
Physically & Emotionally.
But we have got through the first 2 years.
It is onward & upward from here.

Happy Birthday to my Son.
He is no longer a baby...
I love you, Mason.

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