March 21, 2010

it's my birthday & i'll cry if i want too.

tweet tweet.

i am stressed.
stressed about moving.
we have kinda found a house...
but it needs a tun of work.
i don't know if the rental company we are dealing with is really even talking with the owner.
i wish we could wake up tomorrow and there would be a house to rent.
a perfect home, that even though it's not ours...we could make it ours.

i went to bootcamp last night...
first time in since i was pregnant with carter & didn't know i was.
i pumped myself up with a protein shake & some loud carrie underwood while i drove towards my death...
i was scared.
i got through it without vomiting...
i left feeling really good.
i felt refreshed & it felt so good to do something that was so good for me!
Bootcamp is all for me.
though i am sore today...
i am looking forward to getting my butt kicked again wednesday.
this is a promise to myself...
i will be tiny again some day.
only tummy scares will be left from my children...
the unhealthy fat & out of shape Dana will be gone.

it's my birthday...i feel 30
today i am 26.
my dad said to me
"you have more than most 26 year olds, people your age are usually still partying!"
i told him i could never imagine that.
i would be very unhappy with my life.

at 26 i am a mother of three & most of the time love my life.

no birthday celebrations today...
today we are off to mason's first "play therapy" at children's hospital.
dr. blank, here we come.

so happy birthday to me.

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