March 18, 2010

A good day.

today was a good day.

mason & carter got to see an ot (occupational therapist) today.
we have seen a few before...
they have sucked.
this new ot kim...
she rocks my world.

kim just gets it.
she knows.
she sees.

carter promises to be an adventure.
we are setting up a plan...
to teach him to eat more at one time & during the day time.
night is for sleeping...
doesn't he know that?

mason is a whole other competition.
one of whom most bow out of.
the objective to great...
the unknowns to unknown...
the unsung hero?
i hope its kim.

we talked & talked & fed the boys all different foods.
carter did really well...
mason did pretty well & then drooled for hours.
that means he aspirated some thing.
stupid silent aspiration.

kim has given a promise of a plan to do something...
to help in some way.
kim was also shocked at the fact we had no funding.
why if everyone so shocked can't the G be shocked into helping us?
media here we come...
this summer is our summer.

for once i feel some hope again...
some hope that one day my little boy might eat real food!
not need a tube to meet his nutritional needs.

we changed mason's tube yesterday...
mason~ "bye-bye tubie"
mommy~ "hello new tubie"

one day i hope it will really go bye-bye.
along with all the:
feeding bags...
feeding pumps...
mic-key buttons..
oh the list could go on.
our house is a pharmacy.
in fact the pharmacy we go to knows when we are pulling into the parking lot.
i am on first name basis & they know what i want before i even open my mouth.

i have hope today...
more than most days.

i will let you know her plan for mason when i have it.
prob in 2 weeks when we see her again.
kim you better be my rockstar ot...
i need you to be.
no pressure!


  1. Lord, Please let Kim be the one to stand up and make the change in his life. Let it be soemthing so simple that all the others kick themselves for not realizing how easily they could have helped if they just listened to Mom. Please suppy Kim with the guidance she needs to help these two heal. Please bless the person that finds the answer with riches beyond money.

  2. Thank you Nancy! Bless you! I am brought to tears to think others care so much about my son and my life! Thank you deeply.