March 25, 2010

we are moving.

we have found a place...
there is a lot of work to be done to make it great.
it will take time...but one day it will look & feel like home.

i will soon let you know the dates for painting & cleaning...
and of course moving.
i know everyone is dying to help us move again!


we have added "vega" a completely natural powder to his formula...
so far he is doing really well with it.
the hope is that with the extra calories he can continue to gain, gain, & gain some more!
mason weighed 26.2 pounds this morning...
this means he is in the 25% for his age!!!!
mason has come up from not even being on the growth charts to being a healthy weight in the last 5 months!
people this is HUGE!
it has been a very long time & a lot of hard work for all of us...
but we are finally going up!
thank you so much for your support.
prayers that he can stay healthy & keep his weight up are fantastic!


i have started.
it feels really good to finally do something to take care of myself.
a huge thank you to all who are helping making it happen...
i will be healthy & in shape sooner than later now!
i am looking forward to more energy & feeling good about myself.
bootcamp is kicking my butt...
but i am kicking back!


  1. Good luck at bootcamp. Hope Mason gains anything yoou loose! Has he been to another therapy appt with the new girl? How is that going?

  2. Thanks Nancy! I hope he does too! We have week I think! Thank you...just another year added...LOL How was your trip?