March 1, 2010



So we went to the Bird Sanctuary in Ladner, with our Paster's Family.
And the Boys were so in LOVE!

It was a great Sunday. (Two Sundays ago)
We started with Church, followed by a drive that involved Walky talky's and lots of Jokes.
We arrived and had a picnic lunch, Roasted chicken!
Funny since we were surrounded by Birds.

I am pretty sure they were staring us down!
While we were all eating Mason was running around after the Birds screaming...

I tried to explain to him that they were not Cats...he didn't care.
We got to feed the Birds, they came right up to us and ate out of our hands!
We walked for awhile and just had great moments with God's Creation.

There are 7 from the Miles Family & 5 Sears family...

Daddy & Mason

Carter's big eyes & tiny toes!

A beautiful Place.

It was a Sunday I won't forget.
I hope that there are many more Sundays like this to come.
Sunday is a time for Worship, GOD & Family.

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