March 13, 2010



Nick's extended Family has been in town.
I got to meet some of the Family for the first time.
It was so nice, Josh loved the Big boys!
His Family has been nothing but supportive since they got here.
And I am never one to take compliments well,
I am trying to learn to allow myself to feel good, not guilty when I am encouraged.
And I have to tell you it does feel really nice.
I don't know why I feel guilty, it's not really guilt per se.
I sometimes feel like I am not good enough,
I am not doing enough.
I am not keeping up with everything.
But I have been told to give up on it.
I kinda have the last couple weeks.
But now it's eating me house needs a serious cleaning.

So who wants to come clean? LOL

I wish that all our Family lived close by and this wasn't just 1 time a year.
It has been really nice.

my eyes.

So I went and saw this Doc about my eyes.
I have had my eyes tested half a dozen times in the last two years.
It's always the same thing.
EXCEPT this last time!
This Doc tested for something not routinely checked and...
He found it...
one of my pupils turns inwards!
So I have ordered new glasses and soon I shall be able to see and my eyes will relax...
Oh I can't even wait...
1 whole week.


Carter has been my easiest Baby!
He doesn't come without issues though.
Along with his HUGE beautiful eyes & smiles...
comes more issues with eating.
Sometimes I get these feelings...Mason all over again.
Just little scares that take my breath away for a few moments...
and then I wake up from my thought and KNOW that Carter is way better than Mason ever has been.
Carter has been refusing to take bottles (anymore than 2 ounces) when he is awake.
I am having to dream feed him to get 4-5 ounces in.
I am many night feedings.
He is getting way better with not gagging on baby foods though...
This is a HUGE step.
We will be seeing an Occupational Therapist for him this thursday.
Funny that because of Carter, Mason is also going to get therapy 1 time a month.
Keep you up to date on what they have to say about the boys.

I am praying it is nothing but GOOD news.

Good night.

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