March 16, 2010

a chocolate contest.

a dirty obsession.

okay here it is...
i am obsessed with....

i cannot go a day without 1 piece of it.
in fact i buy a 400 gram bar every couple weeks.
i can't help it.
when i am freaking out inside or having a hissy fit...
i just go to the cupboard & find myself a piece.
i close my eyes & let it melt.
then i am ready to take on the world again.

to use food for something like that.
i cannot stop thinking about chocolate.
i don't even really care about what type it is.

i am in need of some serious help.
i need some serious boot camp whippin.
some chocolate rehab.

in fact i think i could use a piece right now.

can you help me?
i need ideas...
to be rid of the chocolate.
for the obsession to end.

for your ideas you could win a gift basket...
FULL of chocolate!
you will not be disappointed & maybe i can be rid of chocolate!

How to enter:
1- You must leave your Name or Twitter id, contact & your idea under thoughts ~1 entry
2- Follow me on Twitter (SearsFam & Mason4variety) ~1 entry each
3- Become a Fan on Facebook (SearsFam)~1 entries
4- Share our website via Twitter or Facebook~2 entry each
5- Let me know how many entries you have made!

You do not have to do all of these, but it could up your chances of winning!

The contest will be closing on March 23rd, @ 11:59pm...which also happens to be my birthday!

Good luck!

Example "thought"

1. Dana Sears @
2. Twitter: SearsFam
3. I am a fan!
4. I shared your website on my
5. I have made 5 entries!


  1. Dana - dark chocolate is good for you in moderation. good for your heart. eating chocolate can make you feel better, a boost in happy thoughts! So my conclusion is that a chocolate habit doesnt have to be a bad thing. Eat some yummy dark chocolate and be happy and heathlier? What do you think?


  2. Of all the naughty things you could be doing. Chocolate does not rank high on the list. Eat away!! I am a fan on facebook I don't twitter I think I made two entries.