February 28, 2010

Sickness & Church

has the sickness ended?

Although not one of us is 100% I think we are on the mend.
still coughing and tired, but he'll pull through.
Ears are really full still and really tired still.
His cough is almost better, but he is still really tired.
Still on Anti's, but is doing quite well.
Just finished his Anti's, had RSV and his cough will last awhile Doc says.

All in all, we are on the mend.

We spent the last day of the Olympics at Church.
Our AWESOME Church.
When we walked in there were couches and chairs set up around a HUGE screen.
A Huge screen which was built for us to watch the Olympics as a Church Family.
Paster Martin's sermon was on the Olympics and it ended early so we could watch the Gold Medal Game.
We all had nervous tummies, that were full from Soup and Sandwiches.
We yelled, smiled, clapped, jumped, and Cheered our Canadian Men to GOLD!
It was great!
Thanks Martin!

We have a busy next week and lots on my TO DO List.
I will check in soon.

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