February 5, 2010


I have been in deep thought today.
I think it's because I had a nap!
Thanks, A. I needed it!

As per the usual lately,
I was REFLECTING about the past six months.
Just the past six months...
NO more guilty or sad feelings needed.

As a family we got to a point were we had to
"Air our Dirty Laundry"
Not that its really dirty laundry...
Just laundry.

We were unable to keep going the way we were,
we ARE drowning in debt with nowhere left to go...
No way to feed Mason ourselves anymore.
Which is very Heartbreaking and Humbling feeling
It's not like we were hiding at all...
We were telling
Just no one was really understanding.
We hoped that Mason, that our Family could get the Government's help.
Hoped they WOULD pay for his medical needs.
They couldn't fit us in anywhere.
I believe it's because we were just "hoping"

And then there was a Prayer by someone special...
To be honest I had given up praying for help.
"This" Prayer was answered...
This Prayer was not the Prayer I had been Praying.
Not the outcome I had Prayed for.
But it was more than I had Prayed for...
it was Support
Just not the support we had been looking for.

"to give aid or encouragement to a person or cause"
It comes in many different forms.
We have received:
Meals or Food, I never thought this would help as much as it has.
Money, We have received money...it helped us get some bills payed.
LAUNDRY FOLDING, This is a huge one!
People who are genuine and will just listen to our struggles, without judgement.
Diapers & toilet paper & Clothes
and the list could go on...
Support HAS come in many forms.

Coffee has been ONE our lifelines.
A percolater gets filled with water and coffee grounds...
You plug it in and turn it on and you get a VERY perfect cup of Coffee at the end.
I received a "New" Old Percolater from some very special people today.
They said, we cleaned it up all nice for you...
I know they had in Love.
But I took the Percolater and cleaned it myself...
Taking all the pieces apart...
Scrubing, Boiling, Scrubing...
I have got it almost to brand new state.
You see it's not that they hadn't cleaned it well enough...
It's that I value it...I value them.
It maybe "old" and no good for someone else,
but for me?
It holds great Value.

What bothers me is I was in a state of...
Not Valuing what God had in store.
There was Prayer and Support!
But I was blind to see that it could help.
I felt Guilty for any help offered...
I felt I should be able to do it.
So I turned it down.
Through that "Prayer" I could say I was Humbled.
I was touched...
I didn't feel so hopeless.
People did care...
God was there.

The Bible
It should be our lifeline and my lifeline and your lifeline...
The Bible is already full of Ingredients.
All you have to do is plug in and you will receive the wisdom and clarity from God.
You see I didn't even bother opening it up...
I didn't see the value in scripture...the value in prayer.
The Value in HIM.
He is often not Valued for his Greatness.
I didn't see Clearly how we were so Blessed in our lives...
He was answering Prayers...
Just in his time and his way.
He is most Valuable.

I did know there had been Miracles in Mason and our Family...
I just hadn't put it all together yet.

Scripture has done it for me.
Thanks to that VERY Special person who finally got through to me.
I have told you there are dark times...
I was tired and weak.
But now I am STRONG and I see.

"I can do all things through him who strengthens me"
~Phillippians 4:13

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