February 16, 2010

Mr. Tubie's Anniversary

The 1 Year Anniversary

It is hard to believe it has been ONE YEAR.

One whole year since my son stopped...
Wasting away to skin and bones.
The crying, because he was starving.
One year since he stopped drowning in his own fluids, every single time he finally took a little bit of fluid to sustain the hunger.
One year since the doctors finally took notice, something was wrong...
I begged and pleaded for them to fix my son.
One year since was son was dying from Malnutrition.
One year since my son felt FULL for the first time.

February 15, 2009
This was the day Mason had his surgery...
They implanted this G-tube.
This Alien object.
"This was how we would feed our son?"
It felt like we could go no lower...
This was horrible.
How were we going to do this?

It all changed so fast.
Our perspective changed.
Mason is not just skin and bones anymore!
He is gaining weight and he is full.
The crying has stopped...
The constant trying to console him because he was hungry, but wouldn't eat stopped.
This Alien devise is no longer an Alien.
It is a way to feed my son.
One year since I begged and pleaded with the doctors to fix my son...
They still don't know how to fix him or what's really wrong.
But they KNOW something is wrong!
And they are seeking out to find an answer.
They are treating him to keep him alive!
His tummy had looked like a basketball, his skull and eyes were sunken with Malnutrition.
His eyes are now sparkling and he is very much alive.

One year ago I was losing my son,
Today my son said for the very first time, "I love you Mommy."
Although the past year has brought a lot of struggles...
And we continue to have new challenges everyday,
My son and his Alien are HERE and very much ALIVE!

We have no idea what the next year will bring...
But with the Alien, I know my little boy will continue to grow.
It may be slow...
It maybe a struggle...
But no matter what the struggle is worth it!

So Happy One Year "Tubie" (Alien)
I am glad you are here and that you are helping take care of my son.
Till next Year!!

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  1. Beautifully wrote! Brought a tear to my eye, and a smile to my face knowing that your little boy will be able to grow up and challenge life for all it has to give. -Jenn