February 10, 2010



Today was another long day.

Dr. Cline- Ophthalmologist

My Mom took Mason for is eye appointment today.
Results are: he is near sided in one eye, but doesn't need glasses at this point!
I wonder if it's his left eye?
He will go back in six months for a check up.

Dr. Blank- Pyschologist

Nick and I went to our app. while Mason was having his eyes checked.
We have had a couple sessions with Mason...
Now it was our turn.
The Doc. believes that Mason's behaviors are due to Emotional, Social, and Physical issues. I think?
Again, it's not just "One" issue...
"It's complicated"
I have heard these words over and over again.
"Dr. Blank feels Mason is doing the best he can do with the his situation."
We definitely feel this way too.
I guess we were just hoping that there would be something...
Something we could do that could for him that could drastically change his life.
I was dreaming that maybe we would find someway to snap him out of his pain...
I think it is good to dream as long as you can be realistic in your dreams.
It was made clear to us that he REALLY needs Occupational Therapy, NOW!
It was made clear to me just how much the other Doctors don't understand.
We will continue to see Dr. Blank for "Play Therapy" once a month I think?

Dr. Ramesh- Pediatrician

Mason had a visit with Dr. Ramesh today as well!
Mason's lungs are sounding more clear and he is doing a bit better.
He has lost some weight and as always Dr. R is worried about that.
He seems to be on the mend...
We are trying to cut his Breathing treatments down and have gone to 50/50 Formula/Pedialite.
We will see how the next day goes...
We are praying that it will go well!
Today was an appointment where I actually feel Dr.R shared his thoughts for once and I feel I got through to him.
It turned out Dr.R shared more than I was ready for.
Mason is not progressing yet like they had hoped (thought)...
He has regressed.
The fact that he keeps getting sick and losing weight...
it's a vicious cycle.
Both the GI and Dr. R now believe it's a Neuro disorder.
If he does have a Neuro disorder it doesn't change anything in his "care"
There would be little they could do to help Mason.
Little to do to correct his issues.
Dr. R says it won't help.
He is frustrated, we are frustrated and so is Mason.
The Docs are now telling us they for see him having this tube for along time.
He is going to need a more specialized Nutritional GI Doc...
There are a lot of complications that can arise when you are tube fed for long periods of time.
Thank you Lord, they just brought a Nutritional GI Dr. from Toronto.
Now to get him to see Mason as a patient.
Mason most likely will never have a diagnose...
He will probably never get the help he needs.
"He doesn't qualify."
There was alot more discussed...
But I am too Emotionally tired to think anymore.
It has been a hard day.
One of my "dark" moments...LOL

Tomorrow is a NEW day...
And I will take it on with a fresh, couple of hours sleep ATTITUDE!
Till tomorrow...

Thanks for your Prayers.

The Sears Family

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