February 2, 2010

A little Bit of Everything...


Toys having been Driving me nuts!
Josh really only likes his cars...
Mason doesn't understand what toys are...he likes to kick them.
Carter has five buckets of Infant toys...he has just a few that are actually different
And yet we have so MANY different kinds of toys...

Modern Day toys SUCK!
Just thinking about the toys that are at "Toys R us" makes me CRAZY!
Why are they sooo Crappy?
When I was young Fisher Price toys were simple...
The "Modern Day" Shape Sorter has 9 different shapes....
Major Sensory overload...why would a child use their imagination?
They have to many shapes to try to figure out...
The "Retro" Shape Sorter has 3 different shapes.
It is a bucket, that allows children to imagine and use it for all different games.
Why are these toys gone?

With all this being said...
I have started hunting for "Retro" toys.
The Infant Development Center has said that's what we need for Mason.
The simple toys are WHAT every Child needs.
Our Children need time to be Children.
This has been the recuring theme playing in my head...

If you have Retro toys that where the staples when you were kids and...
Are you willing to give them up? I wouldn't be...
But if you are?
Call me!

So Big "Crappy" Toy Sale at my house...Looking for something?
I probably have it!


Tomorrow we meet with Mason's Child Psychologist for his "Assessment"
It is heartbreaking that Mason at 22 months need a "Psyc"
But I have come to realize...
"Wouldn't I need a "Psyc" if I was going through what he is"
I think so.

In any case, please pray that it goes well and that Dr. Blank (That's his Name) can put his finger on what we need to do to help Mason.
Dr. Blank seems like our last hope to actually get all of Mason's Doctors on the same page.
To get everyone working together.

It is going to be a very long day for us Tomorrow and a long week to Follow.
We will be going back on Feb 10, to find out his "PLAN"

A friend of our's who has recently really stepped out and Supported us now needs our SUPPORT!
Terry's Father had Heart Surgery on Jan 25.
While in Surgery he had a "Mild Heart Attack" He was taken to the ICU after the Surgery ended in Stable Condition.
Jan 26, Since then he has not been coherent.
On Jan 31, Terry's father fell from his hospital bed and broke both his hips. He now requires a double hip replacement, this is a serious High Risk Surgery. He will be having this Surgery as soon as he is stable enough to do so.
Please Pray for Terry's Father and the rest of the family.
Update you as soon I know.

Good night or Good Day to all...

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