February 1, 2010

Mason's Words- The new voice in our house


"Mommy, Mommy, UP! DOWN!
This is how Mason now tells me when he would like to start the day.
The day used to start with a hit in my face or a pinch of my back.

"OOW Daddy" (Where's Daddy)
"Daddy at work"
"OOW Daddy" (Where's Daddy)
"Daddy at work"

"OOW Daddy" (Where's Daddy)
"Daddy at work"
This has been the extent of my conversations with Mason for the past six months, the "daddy"
just gets replaced with "Nana," "Grandpa," "Oow," (Josh) "Baby," "Mommy" (Even though he is sitting right on me.)

Our conversations have changed in the past couple of months...
There has been lots of Frustration

I was told to use more Sign Language.
Mason has learned many Signs in the past couple of months...

To try to have a back and forth conversation that didn't involve Mason just saying the same thing over and over and over has been trying.

But last week after teaching Mason the Sign "Help" for six weeks...
I heard "ELP"
I turned around to see my little boy, who has been known to just use pinches to get my attention was SIGNING and SAYING "ELP"
I was in a state of Shock, Excitement, and a "Now What" feeling.

Mason shook me out of my "State"
"Mommy, ELP"
So I went and helped him with tears rolling down my cheeks...
He had the BIGGEST dimpled smile.

Mason has started to copy us a little more each day.
Yesterday Nick said to me..."Mason has a VOICE"
There is another noise in this CRAZY house...
Along with that Noise comes precious dimples.
It has been a really really long time since I have seen them...
They were really needed.

I started going to a course for Speech.
I realize we have a long way to go with Mason.
But we have already seen leaps and bounds.
The work and wait is worth it.
When Mason said "Mommy" for the first time at 18 months...the wait was worth it.

I have realized that I need to listen to Josh more....
His voice has been lost in the past two years.
I want to hear his Funny Stories...
I am missing them.

Just a challenge for you and I...
Next time you say something to your Child:
1. Get on their level...
don't look down at them
2. Observe them...
what are they doing? thinking?
3. Wait...
wait Five Seconds
4. If they haven't looked or talked to you after 5 seconds...
Initiate some form of contact

Our Children are still Children.
We need to slow our lives down so we can all hear and enjoy one another.
What are our lives without our Family? Our Children?
What if your son or daughter wasn't here tomorrow?
Would you have said everything you wanted to say to them?
Would you have many memories of there words?
Did you tell them how much you love them?
How great they are?

There are voices in all our homes.
Are you hearing how sweet they are?
I am.
I am also realizing just how much sweeter they are when we LISTEN to them.

I am promising to ALL of my Boys to try harder.
To listen to all their words...
To slow down, give them the time to talk and listen to their hearts.

Mason's newest word
"Hehehe, DING DONG, Hehehe"
The joy one can have over a word...

Life can be so simple...How simple is your life?

Jesus said, "Let anyone with ears listen!" Matthew 11:15

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  1. Dana - thank you for reminding us that we have to LISTEN! I so appreciate your writing.

    We make a concious effort in out family to end every conversation with "I love You!" As we say goodbye in the morning to go to work or school. As we bid each other adeui when we are visiting or even talking on the phone.

    I never really understood the impact of that small sentence, until my father passed away suddenly. Even though we had not spoken in months I know for a fact the last words I said to him was "I LOVE YOU!"

    thanks for reminding me to stop and listen when the kids speak!