February 12, 2010

They are HERE!


The Olympics are here.
I wasn't exactly excited about them...
I still wonder if we will regain the money that has been spent?

But this past couple of days I have felt...
Proud to be Canadian.

Today I felt warmth.
I am ready to embrace whatever they may bring?
I want my children to say they were at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.
It's pretty cool!

I think that I have taken advantage of BC...
Not always in a good way.
We have thought of moving to other Provinces...
It is hard for the middle income Family to live here.
But we have The Mountains, The Ocean, and The Valleys.
We have Sun, Rain, and Snow...
We have comfortable temperatures.
We have Beauty...
God's beauty surrounding us.

I appreciate this Country...
Especially British Columbia a lot more as I have grown older and well older!
Tonight was a special moment...
But let's not forget our Creator and his Creation.
Give the Glory to God for our Nation.
This is his Country and our Responsibility to take care of it.
So take a little time...
Enjoy it.
Enjoy the Olympics!
This REALLY is a once in a life time opportunity!

S.P.O.T.s and Such...

My boys are doing Better!
Thank Goodness..
I was going crazy all couped up in this house.
The Spots have left our house...
But My Sister has brought them to her house :(
Oppss...Sorry Mom!
Josh is back at School...
Mason's Pneumonia is getting better...still present but WAY better!
Carter still has a cold and is grumpy...but is also on the mend.

Words do not describe, how scary it is when Mason has trouble breathing.
It always means he has become really sick...
and so Fast?
I am SO glad we caught this Pneumonia so fast.

There are not enough "Thank you's " to say how we feel.
The pouring of Support is always amazing.
We can feel the love and the thoughts...
I can see YOU...
I can see the worry and the Prayers.
Mason has become the testimony of how GREAT our God is...
Many times.
Miracle after Miracle.

So here is one of my "Thank you's"

God Bless your Families.
You are one of our many Blessings!

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