February 7, 2010

It's been a day...


Quotes of mine lately...
"It's been a morning."
"a day, a night, a week"

This is the way I say...
"I'm grumpy, the kids have been naughty, grumpy and I've had enough today."
I have only just realized this.

Today has been a day.
Which is funny because I don't feel...
"I'm grumpy, the kids have been naughty and I've had enough today."
There have definetly been moments though.
So here is the timeline of my day...
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

I have been asleep for 30mins and it feels good!
Still asleep...oh precious sleep.
Mason woke up at 2:30, needed "Didi" (Soother) and to be unrapped by his tubie, which was wrapped around his neck again. He then throws a fit for the next 37 mins, YES 37 MINS. He wants to sleep in my bed. I don't feel like sharing it, I don't feel like worrying about him vomiting in my bed.
Carter woke at 2:41 needing a bottle.
Back to sleep...Zzzz!
Mason wakes up again...uncomfortable and coughing. Rush to the bathroom in case he vomits, No vomit. Good! But he is soaked in Urine...clean him up, change his diaper...make sure it's pointed downward this time. Fill up his feed bag and back to sleep for him in my bed, I am sharing my spot...even though Nick is working and there is a whole other side of the bed. Mason also feels the need to stick his feet on my bum. I have no idea why he does this but it drives me NUTS!
Finally back asleep...ZZZzzz!
Josh awakes to start his day at 6:36...comes in my room,
"Mommy, is it 7 yet?"
We gave him a clock in his room and told him to stay there un
til 7 am, it has yet to work. At least he isn't getting up at 5:30 anymore!
"NO, Josh it is not 7am yet, thanks...Go to the playroom, I'll be down there soon"
Mason has now woken up and is demanding to start the day as well...I very politly say,
"No, you need to sleep some more. Lay down."
Mason then throws a fit and wakes up Carter, who now also wants to start the day!
But I am still tired and know that if we get up now, I will have a very grumpy Mason on my hands.
So I go down stairs get Josh his breakfast and go back upstairs bottle in hand to feed Carter.
Carter is now soaked in urine...great I forgot to change his diaper at 2am. So I clean him up, feed him and continue to battle Mason...
Mason gets his backpack off...A break from feeding till 9am.
7:15am back asleep until 7:40 when Nick arrives home. Mason shoots up from his sleep, eyes still closed, he demands down from my bed to go see Daddy.
Nick goes to bed, get a quick kiss Goodnight/Good Morning before he passes out as he hits the pillow. I am up and starting the day. Time to get Mason's Backpack, his tubie junk cleaned out and ready for the next 20 hrs of feeding. Mason eats yogurt and Josh is having his second breakfast.
Mason's Backpack (Tubie) goes back on for 20 hours of feeding.
Feed Carter, start the coffee and clean up from the boys breakfast. Change diapers, change Pj's since the kids are still sick and not feeling like getting dressed for the day. I start baking...we need snacks in the house and treats for my hubby. Carter is whining at me in the high chair, he's not feeling well.
In the mix of baking Brownies, Gingerbread cookies (I have a cheater mix) and Apple muffins,
Carter is sleeping and I am playing Noah's Ark and reading Noah's Ark book.
Josh is finally allowed to play some DS, Mason won't let it go...that Daddy is sleeping.
All in all we had a few moments that I reached a "BAD" level. Carter is feeling really crappy.
Time to go wake up Nick, he is off for the next three nights. Daddy up holding a very grumpy Carter. Josh and Mommy lying in bed for 10 mins playing DS Super Mario together. Ds away,
feed Josh lunch, Mason doesn't want any. What a Surprise! Carter falls asleep on Daddy for 15 mins before being rudely awaken by Mason screaming in a fit, it is way past nap time.
Mason is napping, Josh is lying on the couch watching TV, Daddy is holding Carter and I am checking my email.
Mason is up, Carter is up and we are all chilling on the couch. Josh is playing then resting in the playroom. None of my kids are themselves.
Superbowl Starts...I have to let it go and let the football go on...It's Superbowl. I am sitting with Mason on me, Josh next to me and Carter is in Nicks lap. SUPERBOWL...yahoo! Then it gets even better, Mason vomits right in my lap...no warning. LOVELY. I clean him up, I clean myself up. I put his backpack back on (He just has it next to him when he naps. When he is done with sleeping he usually sits with his backpack next to him for a while) I get up, get Carter a bottle. Then I finally eat some breakfast/lunch..I often forget to eat.
Nick suggests we move Mason into the now empty room. No more N/Mannys for us. It would be nice to have C not wake up when M throws his fits in the middle of the nigh, nice for him to not be woken up when Josh comes in to inform us it's HIS time to start the day. I agree, but not without worry, Mason and his tubes...I have to check constantly, I have to unwrap him several times a night. But I agree, I need some sleep and maybe this will help. There is a spare twin bed in the room already awaiting us. I feel better about it.
We all go upstairs, start to take the crib apart and move the stuff in the spare bedroom around. I suggest we take the dresser out of the "Spare" room, Mason's New room and put it our room. More room in Mason's room and we NEED it! Mason's backpack comes off until 8pm for his second break from feeding. Mason's crib is put back together.
The boys are just helping us out...Mason's trying on my shoes from under my bed...Josh is laying in my bed playing DS AGAIN! Carter is laying in his crib playing. We have decided to move our Room around. Hey wait..we have a spare TV...old but it works! A TV in our room? Oh how nice would that be? Nick goes into action to make it happen. It has been a very long time since we have had a TV in our room.
We realize its 7pm...Mason is so tired and grumpy. I start some speghetti O's for Josh's dinner and Nick watchs Pocoyo with Mason and Carter. While watching Pocoyo, Mason asks for a "Buba" (Bottle) He has done this several times in the past week. I hesitate, b/c he is sick, his swallowing function is so much worse when he is sick. It can be dangerous. But I decide okay, he can have a bottle. I give him a bottle, Pocoyo finished and upstairs N, M and I go, so does the "Buba". We are about to put our little boy to bed in his own room. How great and scary at the same time. Mason lays down, I have the "Buba" in my hand. I think that I can get it away from him, that he might of forgot about it. We turn off the light, he asks for it. I hand it to him. I then loose hold of my emotions. I have to walk into Josh's room (Josh is still downstairs eating dinner) I cry b/c Mason has been trying to be "Normal" like other toddlers lately. He is noticing he is different. It hurts, why can't he just be "normal"? The bottle is just another thing he is trying. It's a good thing...sometimes. I then give Carter his meds and feed him a bottle, he falls alseep. Ohhhh...Precious sleep.
7:35 Josh tells us he is full, I say eat a little more...he had barely touched his dinner. "You can have a piece of Brownie if you do?" Nick brings him the brownie. 2mins later Josh comes up from the playroom where he is sitting at his picnic table. I can't eat this? I saw the look on his face...NICK, he is going to Vomit...Nick then picks him up and stares for a couple seconds...second guessing? "NICK, GO, SINK, NOW" he doesn't make it there. Beautiful.
Speghetti O vomit..all over the floor, the cupboards, inside the sink cupboard...the list goes on. Vomit is every where. But Josh's tummy feels better! So we medicate him up...Gravol. I love whoever invented Gravol. Bedtime for Josh.
Mason gets medicated and hooked up (Tubie) for the night.
All the kids are in bed, although I had to go help Mason back to sleep twice in this hour.
Work on our Bedroom. Nick gets the TV set up
...I call Shaw Direct to set up the TV in our BEDROOM. Our bedroom only consists of two small book cases, two dressers, one queen size bed, a shelf thing, a trunk, ONE crib and a TV...Oh glorious TV. But of course being us, TV doesn't happen without a hitch. We get the TV in our bedroom working...only to have the two other TV's in the house to stop working. So we call back Shaw Direct. One TV has the plugs mixed up now that we have a third TV working...the other Playroom TV just happened to have loose wires at exactly the same time the other TV stopped working. OY! But everything is working now. Carter is still sleeping, Nick is washing dishes and I am sitting on my bed on Computer.
I check Facebook, emails and Start Blogging.
Nick is still down stairs working on the kitchen. Mason is up another three times this hour. Josh and Carter Sleep...Oh Sleep...Precious SLEEP!
I hear the bath running...the Bath Running? My wonderful hubby comes to retrieve me...This is what 10 pm is for me. It has been over 6 months since I had a bath. I put my blog down and took time for my hubby and for myself.

Bath finished, Mason needed to be settled again. I start typing again. Nick fills up Mason's Backpack, Feed Bag and I am wrapping up my blog. We are waiting for Carter...he will be up any minute now for a feed. Oh wait there's Mason again. Coughing, gagging. OY! I am still wrapping up my blog...in my bedroom...my bedroom where I can use my OWN bathroom, watch TV and sit in my bed on the computer. I am in such a good mood right now! Mason needs settling 2 more times.
Finish Blog, feed Carter...settle Mason for what seems like the millionth time and then BED...SLEEP??? At least there are two of us tonight!

SO there you have it. That was some of our day. Just a little snip of what three little boys bring to a household!

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