February 13, 2010

The Miracle of Baby Bronson

Baby Bronson.

For the past several days I have been following another Families Blog.
I have asked you to follow and to Pray with me.
I wept many days after reading their updates.
I was unable to sleep.
I was finding myself unable to focus on anything other than sickness.
Since I was surrounded by S.P.O.T.S. it's of no wonder!
I felt their pain of having a child who is really sick.
I just felt so helpless, all I could do was Pray.

Through all Baby Bronson's Mom's Blogs...
I also felt a sense of Peace, a calm Peace.
I don't know how much Peace the Family was actually feeling...
But I could see the Holy Spirit holding them.
I could feel the love and the faith this Mom had.
Through this time of worry and heartbreak, they were a testament of their Faith.
They have touched alot of Families.

I am Happy to report that Baby Bronson has gone home!
I only have the last update on the families blog so...
That is all I know.

I hope that Sara (B's Mom) is able to find forgiveness for herself.
That bathtub is just a reminder that God is in control.
He is always there whether you need him or not.
I am Praying that Bronson continues to do well.
That Bronson can continue to be a testament to God's Grace...
His Healing Powers...
Love and Support.

God Bless The Stakers and all the Families they have touched.
I know I have been Blessed by The Staker Family.
I have been Blessed to see that through their unknowing and the heartache they felt..
We are not alone.
God is watching, he is in control and it all became very clear to me through them.
It's not that I didn't know this...
It's just that sometimes I need to be reminded.
Sometimes I need to feel this.
That there have been Miracles...
And there are more Miracles to come.
I am counting on it!

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