February 9, 2010


A night at the Surrey EMERGE.

Where to start?
He is okay, he has Pneumonia...Most likely Aspiration induced.
All the boys have been under the weather with Hand, Foot and Mouth Virus for the past 10 days.
Carter is on his second round...Josh is still not eating!
But yesterday we came home for our Interview at Surrey Christian School.
They have expected Josh...Yahoo!
I looked at Mason and new he wasn't feeling very well.
His rate of breathing was quite high and very noisy.
His trache and Chest were pulling...he was having a hard time breathing.
Off to EMERGE we went.

With Nick, Josh and Carter at home...
we sat waiting for 1.5 hrs waiting to see the triage nurse...
Nurse "He's having a hard time keeping up, he's going in now."
I felt alot of relief.
I KNEW he was having trouble...
I TOLD them that when we got there.

Anyways, they brought him in right away, the RT was waiting.
Respiratory Therapist
So he was hooked up to the monitors...
He was really working to breath, but was holding his Respiratory Rates.
Thank you, Lord
His heart rate was twice as high as it should be.
The doc was coming to see him now, he needed Resp Therapy.
The Doc ordered the Resp therapy, yet another Chest X-Ray and a Pediatrician.
Therapy done...Mason having a bit of an easier time, off to X-Ray.
Back from X-ray...
Doc says Most likely Aspiration Pneumonia.
For those who don't know...
Aspiration Pneumonia is caused by breathing foreign materials (usually food, liquids, vomit, or fluids from the mouth) into the lungs.
The Pediatrician is coming to see him.

The Pediatrician comes...
Pedi "I would usually keep him in the hospital for treatment, but you are medically trained and have the equipment. If you feel you can manage his treatments at home you can go, if you promise to see your Pedi in the next day. If he gets worse needing more treatment than prescribed, he'll need to come back. There is a room for him and the nurses know about him. Actually they remember you."
I reply "Yep, I will go home. I'll come back if he gets any worse. And I know they know who we are."
As I left I couldn't stop thinking...
"Medically trained", more like Mommy trained!

So we are home and I am playing "Medically trained" Mommy
Mason is grumpy and can't take anything by mouth.
He has tried, and he just vomits.
Prayer is Needed.

I'll try to keep you updated!

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