February 25, 2010

The Sickness


It seems like the sickness will never end in our house.
Some funky virus for each of the kids...
Then Hand, Foot and Mouth virus twice.
(This lasts ten days for each child)
Aspiration Pneumonia-Mason
Now a Respiratory Virus for everyone...

I am SICK.
I do not like being sick.
I have been this way for three days.
It is just getting worse.
I am grumpy and have little patience.
I have had to practice "The Time out corner" for myself several times today already.

So this is where I have been...
Time out and resting.

Sickness when you have kids sucks.
Having sickies when your sick sucks even more.

I hurt.
My head is heavy with a nagging headache...
Made worse by Mason using everything as a drum and Carter's crying cause he's hungry, but too sick to eat.
My ears feel full, sore and plugged...
And not in a good way.
My cough is very heavy on my chest...
I have had to use my puffer many times just to regain control of my breathing.
I feel full of mucus and have no desire to eat.
But when I force myself to eat something little...
I feel sick to my stomach.
I am so tired...
I cannot sleep due to coughing and my kids being up several times more than usual.

My house is also sick with congestion, dirty germs and junk in every orifice.

As I sit here and write this all grumpy like...
I am suddenly swallowed by guilt.

Mason deals with many of these "sicknesses" daily or at least weekly.
His ears were full and heavy until he had surgery.
Mason's chest is heavy daily due to small aspirations of his own fluids and others.
He never knows when he is going to be able to breath or not breathe easily.
There is no constant reliance for him, with his lungs.
His cough is full of mucus, which his body has made to protect his lungs, which causes vomiting.
Mason is constantly being force fed through his tube...
Who knows if he feels good or not?
He often vomits daily and who knows how he feels?

So by the end of this...
I still feel horrible and now I also feel really guilty.

I am going to stop writing now and deal with my sick children...
My house will be "sick" for awhile...It is the last thing on my list.

Bed at 8:30pm again tonight.

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  1. Came over here via Picks & Kicks, I'm so sorry you are so sick. That is so hard, especially when your little ones are also sick :( Keep your chin up! I'll keep your family in my prayers.